The P&O Ensemble

So, it seems the impossible keeps happening. I get an A and Andy Murray does indeed make it to the final of a Grand Slam. I have no idea how he managed it but I’m hoping Federer wins it tomorrow.

Anyway, onto the actual post. On the Tuesday just gone P&O Cruises celebrated their 175th birthday. They decided to mark the occasion by having all seven of their cruise ships (Arcadia, Auroror, Adonia, Ventura, Azura, Oceana and Oriana) come into port in Southampton at the same time and leave port together. This was the first time it has ever happened.

Now usually I don’t care bout ships or boats, what can I say I live in a naval town that happens to be beside one of the most important ports in the country which a LOT of ships come to, but this was a piece of history that actually went past our beach.

So I was dragged down to the stony coast, the weather was not good, a misery of fog hanging low and clinging to the horizon. Rain started to feebly pitter and patter and as we trudged down the beach, the treacherous stones slipping beneath our feet, the distant outline of the ships came into view.

Southampton sent behemoth after behemoth towards Gosport and the fog grew thicker, the rain fell harder, the wind fiercer. We gave up and trudged back, the stones still keeping up their trickery.

Then one wild glance back and everything was clear. The fog and been pushed back, the rain gave up its attack. Only the wind remained. Each ship sailed past almost eclipsing the Isle of Wight in the background.

The entire P&O ensemble

It took a while for them all to go past, almost as long as it took us to get back to our car afterwards. I still maintain that I don’t really care about boats and ships, but this was still sort of cool.


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