Words. They’re Pretty Strange

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)


They’re such funny little things aren’t they?

I might use them every single day but they still baffle me.

Like, where did they come from? Who decided what they meant? Who even came up with them?

Then there’s the fact that there are loads of different versions of them. There are god knows how many languages in the world and therefore god knows how many versions of a word. How did the first multi-lingual person even learn a new language when words are so different throughout the world?

Words are wonderful. They are everywhere and we take them for granted. 

They even evolve over time, shedding their original meaning and taking up something new. Then new ones are always being created.

Why is a table called a table and why is a chair called a chair? What if it were the other way round? It’s difficult to imagine isn’t it? It just sounds dumb calling a table a chair because a table is obviously a table. But why?

It seems silly to question but for someone as nosey as me it’s a curiosity that will always stick. Forgive me if I come across as a fool, but these are just random wonderings I wanted to get down.


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