London Ol…. Oh Dear

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Cropped transparent version of Image:Olympic flag.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sorry to jump on the very predictable bandwagon but Danny Boyle what have you done?

You were put in charge of creating something great for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, something fantastic and memorable……not grass and a few farm animals! Sure, we’ll never be able to compete with China or Rio, but it’s not like we’re just countryside and animals. We have our traditions too.

English: Danny Boyle at the 2008 Toronto Inter...

English: Danny Boyle at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival for his movie Slumdog Millionaire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just look at the Jubilee, look at everything we did for that. The pure pageantry, the pure pomp, the pure excitement. I’m not asking you to make a  mini Thames and put some boats on it, nor am I asking you to even try to replicate the Jubilee but something more than countryside would be welcome.

We have so much to draw on, what about Arthurian legends? It doesn’t even need to be anything to do with fighting, they’re just laced with magic and fantasy and so much wonder.

But no, in 2008 we embarrassed ourselves by having David Beckham kick a football off of the top of a double-decker bus and the cynic in me is adamant that we’re heading for another mocking.

One saving grace is that you’ve actually incorporated music into this, frankly, bizarre concept. Our music scene is strong and I suppose that is something to be celebrated with a salute to Glastonbury and Last Night of the Proms (just FYI though, Glastonbury is often linked to Avalon which, drumroll please, is part of Arthurian legend. So, you know, you can still include it). 

I just hope that I’m wrong and this will be brilliant. I’m still hoping Spelbound will make an appearance!


One response to “London Ol…. Oh Dear

  • summum1967

    I completely agree and Paul McCartney for the closing ceremony – he may have been in a great band but that band no longer exists – he is a has been – does that make Britain a has been

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