Any One Book #8

I know I usually do this on the third of every month but I’m going to be busy tomorrow and who knows when I’ll get a chance.

It has been a difficult choice this month. I’ve bought so many books recently that I’m spoiled for choice. What to choose, what to choose? Seventh Scroll, the sequel to the last Any One Book?  The beautifully bound Sense and Sensibility? Elsewhere? Noughts and Crosses? What about Clash of Kings? But alas I didn’t write about Game of Thrones so it would seem a little lost.

Sometime today it finally struck, there was one other book that I bought, tucked untidily away onto my over burdened bookshelf. 

Now usually I don’t do horror. I’m such a coward that I couldn’t even bring myself to go and see Daniel Radcliffe in Women in Black. I mean E.T absolutely terrifies me and that’s a family film (supposedly). Yet I couldn’t help myself with this. Whoever came up with turning a classic into a zombie story is a bit of genius.

I haven’t heard much about this and I have no idea how it’s going to go but I’m certainly intrigued and the little I have heard has been quite good.

 As always read along, I look forward to hearing what you think of it!



One response to “Any One Book #8

  • beckyday6

    Oooh I’m definitely interested to hear about this one. Funny enough my only quip with Jane Austen’s work is that if I’m not in the mood I get a little bored of all the polite tea party type scenes. I’m currently reading Emma by her and I was getting a little bored at one point and I found myself hoping some dramatic mythical creature would walk through the door, and they’d all panic terrified! Haha, it would be interesting to see how they would react.
    Anyyyhoooow yeah, I’ll be looking out for your review. Good choice!

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