Procrastination: The Bane of Life



To defer action; delay: to put off untill another day or time.

Of course I’m sure you’re all familiar with this devilish fiend, I certainly am. As of next week I will be starting to hand in my final pieces of work. But this beast is doing it’s best to make sure I’m not ready. It hounds me, it tugs and it prods and pulls, it nudges and it shoves and it jabs until finally I relent. Desperate for a break, not from the word document in front of me that boasts a glorious and hard-won three words, but from the lure of being anywhere that’s not in front of the damnable computer screen. Indeed, Procrastination and I are well acquainted.  

Oft times I wish we had never met, I lament for the days where Focus used to accompany me wherever I went but almost without noticing we seem to have drifted apart. Sometimes we have a little get together, reminisce about the good old times but it never lasts. All too soon the ugly shadow of Procrastination looms large in the doorway and, intimidated, Focus flees.

At the moment there are three ways in which Procrastination appears to me. On occasion it comes to me as a walk to Asda, I tell myself it’s to clear my head so that upon my return work will go better, that the sunshine or the rain or whatever the unpredictable moods of the weather will throw at the coast will be good for inspiration.

Foolishly I think my reasonings are perfect so set out for a little jaunt to the super market, head free of work, of uni and of those deadlines that make me squirm in my seat every time I think of them. Yet, When I get back home all I can think is how much time I’ve wasted and how much work I might’ve managed otherwise. 

Its second most popular form is Game of Thrones. I don’t mean the series, I mean the book. It’s deliciously addictive. Even now it’s perched atop the arm of my sofa calling out to me and how I wish I could answer, how I wish I could go to it and wedge my nose firmly between its pages as my eyes devour each word that passes before them.

It makes me want to hate George R.R Martin, how dare he give Procrastination such an effective weapon to wield against me, how dare he place such power in the hands of the enemy.

Yet, in spite of my anger I nearly always relent. I can’t remain angry, not when the story has yet to conclude and if it wasn’t Game of Thrones that tempted me so surely Sense and Sensibility or Seventh Scroll or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies would be yelling out from the shelf they call home.

Yet there is something ever worse than Game of Thrones, something worse than taking a walk. There are times that no matter how much Procrastination tried to trick me I can plead the defence of laziness; “oh no, not today, I can’t be bothered to go for a walk, I can’t be bothered to get up and open my book.”

But it is in these times of almost victory that Procrastination brings out its deadliest tool, it says to me; “so you don’t want to go out, you don’t want to walk across the room and get your book? Then how about this? You needn’t even move.” And before I know it Pottermore is on the screen.

The wonderfully detailed creation of J.K Rowling and Sony that opened to the general public earlier this month. It seems even Procrastination knows of my soft spot for Harry Potter. The taunting is unbearable, I hear Procrastination laughing at me as my defiance crumbles, I feel the shame of having lost once again, none of which is helped by the fact that my beloved Ravenclaw house has been knocked down to third in the House Cup.

And now it seems I must add a fourth to that list because Procrastination has just tricked me from transcribing an interview to writing a blog post.

But alas, the only option is to battle on.

8 responses to “Procrastination: The Bane of Life

  • summum1967

    I love the way you have written this, it wouldn’t look out of place in a paper or magazine…….. now GET ON WITH YOUR WORK!

    • Summer Grant

      It would look completely out of place, it’s entirely in first person! But thanks 😛 I was getting on with my work until you commented, mayhaps you should get on with yours too 😛

  • summum1967

    I meant as a diary piece that you read just before the TV pages. Or Kerry Katona in OK!!!!

  • beckyday6

    Fantastic piece of writing! I really enjoyed this. I’ve seen a lot of people write about procrastination, but yours is by far the best I’ve seen!

    Alas, no one is safe from procrastination including myself. The worst is definitely the calling of books, I have to actually PHYSICALLY get my mum to hide them from me so I can’t read them because I don’t know where they are. Hehe, and well, blogging comes in close second. Speaking of which I’m procrastinating right now……I should be doing artwork! Bad Becky! Adios. :S

    • Summer Grant

      Ah thank you! I’m glad Procrastination is responsible for something enjoyable! That’s a massive compliment, thanks 🙂

      Haha, really? That’s a really good way to try and avoid procrastinating. Yeah, blogging can get pretty addictive, especially when you haven’t the time to feed the addiction!

      Ah yes, the artwork, have fun 😀

      • beckyday6

        Lol my 3hrs later update: I have achieved almost nothing.
        Damn procrastination hits again. 😛
        No problem! And yeah it does work quite well, although it does result in me searching all the cupboards and behind the chairs on the truely desperate days trying to find where she put them! 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      Haha, damn procrastination, I have to say it has got the better of me today,
      Haha, I guess that’s a it of a downside, it’s kind of like going through withdrawal or something haha!

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