Which Would You Like to Read?

Right, in about three weeks I’m finishing my final year of university (AHHH SCARY).

But I promised you all my Robert Hardy interview once it has been marked. I should be getting results back on the 16 July (hopefully a very good belated birthday present from the uni) and when I do I will be posting it on here.

But what do you want to see. Do you want the full unedited interview which extends to beyond 4000 words and will most likely come in two parts or the written up profile piece that is hopefully incredibly eloquent and an enormously enjoyable read?


4 responses to “Which Would You Like to Read?

  • beckyday6

    Oooooh, that was very diffucult to choose! In the end I went for the profile because I have faith in your writing style 🙂
    Whoaaa, finishing Uni, scary stuff, you’ll be out in the big wide world soon! I’m finishing secondary school in 2 months-ish as well. Gulp! You’ll have to give me some Uni survival tips 😉

    • Summer Grant

      Ahh the pressure 😛 thanks for voting! In all honesty I only finished writing it up last night! Oh good luck! The end of school was really scary but college was soooo much fun! Haha, I can certainly try! 🙂

  • chattingwithspirit

    I voted to read the edited version. I’m so looking forward to reading it as I was an avid fan of All Creatures Great and Small and thought he played a wonderfully natural country character. Will be interesting to learn of the man behind the role.
    Wow!!! The end of your university days! Are you going to go off for a year and see the world or are you planning to get straight into work?
    I never had the opportunity to go to university, so no gap year for me either … I think I would have enjoyed both experiences 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      Ahh, thank you 🙂 We didn’t really talk about it (although in hindsight I probably should have asked more questions about it). I hope you enjoy it!
      I know, it’s really scary, I’m not ready for the real world haha. I’m going to apply for a Masters in creative writing, that’s where my heart truly is and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, we get to write a 5000 word novel which I’m quite looking forward to 🙂 But I’m going to be looking for a job in the journalism industry too, it’s such a difficult place at the moment, especially with the Leveson enquiry.
      I think you would have too, it really is a great experience and most of the people that come with it are wonderful. My Course leader (who’s a fantastic journalist in her own right) is so supportive and encouraging.

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