Random Day Full of Musical Dogs, Titanic and Books

Yesterday my last ever student grant went into my account (it’s actually called the summer grant, my friends have laughed quite often at this) and I planned to buy tonnes of books, but that didn’t really happen so mum and I sort of had a random day out in Southampton.

I bought my boyfriend a birthday present (it was actually his birthday on Tuesday so I feel pretty guilty that I didn’t have anything for him before now) and then I headed into HMV because I wanted to see if they sold the Game of Thrones book for cheap while I was searching for it my mum found something else.

I should never leave her alone but to be fair it’s kinda cool. She dragged me over to it and plugged her iPod into it and started playing the Delays in the middle of the store. She later decided to call it Tonks.

Anyway after this I took her up to Mexigo, we don;t have one in Gosport and I’ve been promising her one for ages, despite having trouble with the spice she enjoyed it and then dragged us over to the new Seacity Museum.

As I’m sure you’re aware, yesterday was 100 years since the Titanic hit the ice-burg (and today is 100 years since it sank). Unsurprisingly it was quite an important date in Southampton and for the past week a lot of events have taken place in the city.


This a Titanic memorial near my uni. To be honest I’ve never paid that much attention to it, I mean I’ve looked and admired and a couple of years ago it hit the news because some student (I’m not sure if they were from Southampton Uni or Southampton Solent) on a night out decided to relieve his bladder on it. But yesterday there were people huddles around it, laying wreathes, paying their respects and taking photos, I’ve never seen it get that much attention before.

Anyway, not far from here, next to the civic centre is the new museum about the Titanic. We hadn’t planned to go but we ended up there anyway. It’s very informative and interactive for children and clearly illustrates the point of how many people from Southampton were on that ship and how many didn’t return home. There was room that played interviews from a few survivors as they relived their experience and there were even newspaper clippings on display that are almost a century old.


I wouldn’t go back, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but as my mum said, people would want to go there because it’s about the Titanic and not because it’s about Southampton however they did focus on the latter quite a bit. We both expected something else but we’re also both glad we went.

So that was our random day out, I did buy a couple of books in the end. The Calling and The Game of Thrones. I’ve finished The Calling already, couldn’t put it down and ended up going to sleep at three this morning. Kelley Armstrong has pulled out another fantastic novel and I can’t wait for the conclusion. I bought Game of Thrones because I’ve been watching it and it’s a fantastic series and I can only imagine how great the book must be.




2 responses to “Random Day Full of Musical Dogs, Titanic and Books

  • beckyday6

    Agggh I don’t think I could go to a museum all about Titanic! I teared up just watching the story on it in the news where they showed Southampton. One of my worst fears is drowing as well, so I think it gets to me even more because of that. It’s just horrifying. When I was in NYC we went past where it was supposed to dock and even that made me feel teary!

    As for Game of Thrones, can’t wait to see what you think of it, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on that too but have been restraining myself. I’ve also been watching the TV show, I’m getting extremely excited now a dragons appeared in it 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      Yeah it is very sad, being at the memorial by uni was kind of sad because there was a young boy there who didn’t understand why people were laying flowers down. Yeah, it’s completely horrifying, they had little, sort of, plaques on the wall of everyone and the amount that said ‘lost at sea’ was completely overhwelming, it’s just hard to believe that so many people died there.

      Ah, I’ve been wanting to read it since I saw the first episode, it’s just a fantastically detailed story. You can definitely expect a blog post about it, I’ve been wanting to talk about Game of Thrones for a while. Haha, I can;t wait for the dragons to have a bigger part, it’s gonna be awesome! It’s kind of funny actually, I was looking for the book and mum kept getting it confused with The Hunger Games haha 🙂

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