Little Fish Paper Club Gift

Little Fish Paper Club gift

So people who have been following my blog for a while might know that I’m a huge fan of Little Fish, the Oxford based band who I firmly believe have a bright future ahead of them. Not only are they talented but they’re exceptionally nice too. Unfortunately the lifestyle of an independent band has taken their toll on them and you might remember my post about Nez the drummer leaving.

Anyway, since this bit of unfortunate news they’ve been playing all around the place, they went to France and Turkey and I belive they’re in China now. They’ve also been working on a book which should be out around September, but most of all they’ve kept up their Little Fish Paper Club. They used to this for free but have had to start charging basically for the same reason Nez left. A fan can sign up to the Little Fish Paper Club and four times a year they make something, be it a poem or a booklet with lovely illustrations and lyrics and send it out to everyone on the list (I got a sticker once in the shape of their fish logo and it is now stuck proudly to the front of the notebook in which I’m writing my novel).

Today I got a letter and a CD. The letter basically explains the history of the CD and it’s written by Juju. In it she says that this CD, which is called The Netherworld, was to be their second album until Nez left. She also describes the recording experience and basically it’s almost like a live album they just hit record and started performing and there has been no editing.

It’s quite a cool album. It retains their live raw energy and their songs from the Fishbowl Sessions EP make an appearance on here to. There’s also a song, Innuendo, that I remember them playing when I saw them for the first time, I loved it but because I didn’t know what it was called haven’t been able to find it, I’m glad to have been reunited.

I’ve been in a bit of a musical slump lately so this has arrived at the perfect time because I do, and always will, love Little Fish.


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