Any One Book #7

It’s time for the seventh instalment of Any One Book and it was actually a really close call between Bram Stoker’s Dracula and River God by Wilbur Smith. As you can see I went with the latter. While I love vampires my fascination with the ancient world has been with me for longer.

River God (and it is just River God I’m reading for this month, it just happens that my copy comes with another novel) is set in Ancient Egypt, Pharoh’s hold on the country is weakening and civil war is freely killing the young men of Egypt.

This book follows the incredibly gifted eunuch slave Taita, his beautiful mistress Lostris and Tanus, an up and coming army officer, each of them want the best for their country and embark upon a journey to restore it to its former majesty.

Now, this is not the first time I’ve come across River God. It happens to be my mum’s favourite book and a good few years ago I tried to read it and failed miserably. The first chunk of the book is difficult to get through but I’ve been promised that the rest of it is more than reward enough, that it’s an incredibly touching book with brilliant characters.

So, I’m holding my mum to that, mind you, I can’t see her being wrong. I’ve already started reading it and I’m making swift progress through the difficult beginning and there’s a lot of potential for an unforgettable read. There’s also the fact that it’s set in ancient Egypt, I just love the mythology and the culture and its history, not to mention the innovations they came up with back then.

As always, if you happen to have a copy of the book, you’re more than welcome to read along.

I would also like to say happy birthday to my friend Steve, who at this very moment is actually enjoying the day in Egypt….jealous much.


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