The Hunger Games: Am I Hungry for More?


A little controversial but in the words of the late Lord Voldemort I must confess myself disappointed.

A bit.

I mean, I didn’t hate in fact I really really really liked it. It was so faithful to the book, the lead up to the actual games was methodically detailed, chronicling their journey perfectly. The use of the television coverage to explain things was clever and showing the families was a nice touch.

But they should have explored that side more, instead of showing the odd reaction shot when Katniss was coseying on up to Peeta they should have focused more on her brushes with death, I’m sure a mother watching her daughter almost die would be more interesting than Gale shaking his head.

And the end, the end was rushed through and it was to the detriment of Peeta. His character wasn’t fully displayed and instead came across as feeble and whiney not to mention that Josh Hutcherson let me down a little. I was so sure he would be fantastic in the role but his acting was lacking. 

But put all that aside, because they are the only negatives I had, it was a very good film. The sisterly love between Katniss and Prim is evident, I knew it was going to happen but I was still devastated when Prim’s name was called and for a moment I even thought that Katniss wasn’t coming back.

Then there’s Rue and Katniss, I was looking forward to this part so much. The kinship formed between them, however short, was always sweet. When she died it was like watching Dobby die all over again. This was also an example of the exemplary camera work used throughout. The filmmakers were clever to keep it simple and not be all fancy, the same with the soundtrack.

Anyway, there’s no denying that Jennifer Lawrence had a difficult job in bringing Katniss to life. She’s a very complex character. everyone has the instinct of self-preservation but in the main character it seems to override everything else, except when it comes to Prim, and eventually Peeta. She’s not a selfish character but neither is she selfless and she’s not innocent, after all she is responsible for the death of three tributes. But she’s kind (she did give Rue her food), she has the survival instinct and her sister is the most important thing in the world to her. All of this Lawrence had to take into consideration and she did an excellent job.

The way it was made was very clever, giving the smaller characters and bigger part was a very good move, the way Seneca Crane died was good and the flashbacks to the past were very well executed.

I will be going to see it again, no doubt about it. But in answer to th question above; yes, I am hungry for more, in fact I’m starving and I think Catching Fire is going to be great.


10 responses to “The Hunger Games: Am I Hungry for More?

  • beckyday6

    I agree with everything you’ve said! I myself, came out of the film feeling unsatisfied, as if something key was missing, even though I couldn’t quite work out what it was. I did feel a little disappointed but also thought it was really good as well. Very self contradictory of me! 😛

    I agree with your point about the flashbacks, I thought that the one’s of Katniss remembering the mine’s collapse were extremely good. However, I wasn’t as pleased with the bread scene flashbacks. I didn’t feel like any of them portrayed the event right. Peeta was supposed to be risking a lot by giving her that bread when she was desperate, but I felt like this didn’t really come across…

    • Summer Grant

      Yeah, usaully with a film as soon as I get of the screen I’m like ‘omg’ or ‘hmmmm’ but I had to think about it for a while and in the end I was like ‘well I loved it and I didn’t’ haha! It seems we both suffer it! 😛

      Yeah, the mine flashback was defnitely better. Katniss didn’t even look that starved during the bread one haha. And then Madge was missing!

      Anyway, I hate it on comment sections when there’s only negatives so…….the violence was very well handled and Donald Sutherland was amazing as Snow even though we didn;t see much of him 😛

      Also, I purposefully didn’t read your review until I had written mine and I actually agree with the shaky camera syndrome, sometimes it wasn’t needed!

      • beckyday6

        Well it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! 😛
        Haha yeah she more just looked kind of cold or tired.
        Yeah the shakey camera was certainly contraversial, tonnes of people round the internet were all complaining that they were suffering from motion sickness! :S
        Mee too! I think one scene they did really excellently was the one where the Katniss was worrying about how to survive with the games, and then they juxtaposed it with a Capitol child being given a sword and seeing it only as entertainment. I thought that was really powerful. 🙂
        Also, I heard from one of my friends (don’t know how reliable this is) that they are going to split the last film into two, following the tradition of HP and Twilight. I’m not too sure if this is a good or bad thing yet….

    • Summer Grant

      Yeah, that one was excellent, just Haymitch going around trying to keep them alive was good. He surprised me.
      Yeah, I’ve heard about it and before I saw the film I thought it was a bad idea. Twilight shouldn’t have had it because absolutely nothing happens in that book and I’m not sure enough happens in Mockingjay, I’m concerned that it’s just for the money, oops I sound like ‘grrrr Harry Potter is far superior’, but could you imagine Deathly Hallows as one film? However, after seeing it I kind of trust them. They’ll be able to fill up the time, they’ll probably go into more detail on the deaths of Finnick and everyone. Guess we’ll just have to see at the time! 😛

      • beckyday6

        Yeah, my first instinct was annoyence, and I kind of feel that Mockingjay’s strengh is that it builds and builds throughout the book, so I’m not too sure how it would cope with being split. That being said, if it mean’s they can include more details from the book that’s got to be a good thing right?
        Hahaa, no I can’t imagine Deathly Hallows being one film now, no way! But I do remember feeling annoyed at the time that they had split it, because I was desperate to see the grand finale! 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      You’re totally right, it does build up throughout the book . Hmmm, wno knows, they’d probably end the first one when they get Peeta back and he attacks her then we’d have to wait a few months for the next one, it could work like that. Haha, yeah, it’s a totally good thing!
      Yeah, I was annoyed too, and then realised it gave me more time to prepare for life post Potter :P……damn now not only do I really want to read The Hunger Games again but also watch the harry Potter films!

      • beckyday6

        Haha, me too!:)It’s about time I reread the Harry Potter books, I tend to every summer, but I had to skip it last year because I was too busy :/ But I have noooo idea how I would review them on my blog! How do you sum up a series like that? It may actually be physically impossible…!

    • Summer Grant

      Haha, yeah, it would be quite difficult! If you do decide to do it very good luck to you!

  • Tayqlor

    I LOVE how Seneca Crane died. After the movie ended I was just kind of shrieking to my friends “HE PULLED A SOCRATES! DID YOU SEE THAT?! HE PULLED A SOCRATES!” In fact, I really enjoyed all of the added scenes with Seneca/the Gamemakers/Snow. Very well done. It’s weird because a lot of this film disappointed me and I’m usually a stickler when it comes to book adaptations, but those scenes- which weren’t in the book- are my favorite parts.

    • Summer Grant

      Yeah, I found that too, the added scenes were awesome. Yeah, it was very clever, I can’t remember if it was ever specified in the book how he died but it was a nice creative touch.

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