Why do People want to Kill Anette Olzon?

Kill Anette Olzon.

Oh no, not my words, never my words. These are actually the words someone searched in whatever search engine to arrive at my blog. Guess what? This isn’t even the first time they’ve cropped up.

Anette Olzon, Nightwish concert at The Palais,...

Anette Olzon, Nightwish concert at The Palais, Melbourne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually I’m thankful for any traffic I get but not this time. I believe they found Anyonething because of a post written a while ago discussing Anette Olzon receiving death threats for taking on the job as Nightwish’s new vocalist. Now, I was dismayed then and I’m even more outraged now.

Seriously, it’s hardly her fault that Tarja left, if you want to be angry at anyone why don’t you go and be angry at Tarja for being the spiteful, arrogant bitch that she became when the success went to her head. In case you haven’t guessed I’m not the biggest fan of Tarja but that doesn’t mean I spend time on my computer typing ‘kill Tarja Turunen’.

To those people who actually type this into Google or whatever, you’re just as bad, unless you have a good excuse for it and I can’t really see what it could be. How you could wish death upon someone merely for singing is beyond me. It’s absolutely disgusting and sick and I’m shocked every time it pops up in my search terms.

Tarja Turunen singing at the Obras Stadium in ...

Tarja Turunen singing at the Obras Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on September 6, 2008. This was the last show of the Winter Storm tour on America. Español: Tarja Turunen cantando en el Estadio Obras en Buenos Aires, Argentina, el 6 de Septiembre de 2008. Este fue el último show de su gira Winter Storm en América. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If it makes you so angry why even bother searching for stuff to fuel that fire? It’s stupid. Just do the sensible thing and leave it be, stop listening to Nightwish if you have to or maybe just listen to their earlier stuff. But if you’re actively searching ‘kill Anette Olzon’ then something isn’t right. You think you’re a fan of the band but honestly you’re not, not if you can’t accept a change that actually turned out to be quite good for them. It has been six years, get over it already!

 So get over yourselves and find a different band to listen to, one that isn’t going to make you mad. 

Okay, rant over now.


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