Walk Off the Earth

I’ve been on a bit of a music binge lately. I’m bored with what’s on my iPod, and iTunes hasn’t really been the salvation I was hoping so instead I’ve resorted to music in adverts. 

There’s an O2 Priority Moments one going about, there are two different versions but the song on both is the same. It’s called Little Boxes and it’s a nice little listen. Of course are never long enough for the whole song so I took to Youtube and listened to the original and somebody had commented saying ‘Walk Off The earth did a brilliant cover of this’.

My musical curiosity piqued I naturally searched for them and came across this:

So much better than the original and the advert and the video is pretty awesome too. Now, because of my boredom with music I looked at more of their stuff and they’ve made quite a few covers. Usually I can’t stand bands that make their name by covering other people’s songs but they’ve become one of two exceptions (the other being my friend’s band who are pretty good). Everything Walk Off the Earth has done seems to be better than the original. Needless to say as soon as I can I’m going to download their stuff from Youtube and hope that I don’t get bored too quickly.

This is another one that’s awesome:

Also, before I rush off to catch my bus I would also like to thank Katy and Jumbled Minds for also helping me with my major project, I do appreciate it very much so.


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