So, There’s This Spanner…

You know when you have everything planned and thought out and then the universe goes ahead and throws a spanner in the works, well I believe that has happened to me. In a good way though.

I have had my life planned since I was seven, well my career anyway. That’s 13 years of education and planning and researching all dedicated to becoming a journalist and hopefully an author. For over half my life I’ve been working towards this goal and now I have just under three months left.

Now, being the person who has her next move planned (to a certain extent) I was going to do a Creative Writing Masters. I want to do it, there is nothing I love more in the world than writing, than getting lost in my imagination and seeing it all come together in the form of my untidy scrawl in front of me. I would love nothing more than to be an author. So that’s what I’m going to do, one day my name will be on the front of a book.

Yet I think it’s further away than I would like. This spanner that the universe has thrown at me (well not literally, if it had I think I would be filing a no win no fee complaint) might actually help me get my dream job in journalism. were advertising a six month paid internship, the person who gets it would be working for the website but also getting to see how it works alongside the magazine.

So I applied, it’s too good to pass up, I mean it’s amazing, but of course there are much better journalists out there so this spanner might not even do anything.

I just had to apply, it’s an amazing opportunity and could lead to so many other jobs because contacts are the lifeblood of a journalist, without them you get nowhere.

It’s just a shame I wouldn’t be able to juggle both and I would feel more confident if it hadn’t turned up so late, as it is I’m going to put in my masters application too, after all it’s best to have all bases covered and at least if I don’t get the internship I’ll still have that to do and with any luck it’ll put me in contact with people in the publishing world, because lately I seem to be quite lucky. So it’s sort of a spanner in the works, it’s just inspired me to try harder to sort stuff out for the immediate future. 

Fingers crossed.


6 responses to “So, There’s This Spanner…

  • El Guapo

    A paid internship may even be a better education than a Masters depending on what they let you work on.
    As long as you stay focused on what you want to do, I expect you’ll be able to get there!

    • Summer Grant

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking, proper experience is more valuable. I’m sort of looking forwad t the end of uni because I might have more time to focus on my writing, but who knows how it’ll play out!

  • beckyday6

    Keep pursuing those dreams Summer! 😉
    At least writing is something that is quite easy to pick up and put down along the way. Many people get published that haven’t even got any creative writing training, so applying for the internship definitely makes sense.
    Good Luck! 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      I will! That’s another good point, it’s not like I need the masters, although it would make me sound intelligent…which doesn’t happen very often 😛

      Thank you, I believe I shall post a blog about it if I hear anything.

  • chattingwithspirit

    Many a time a ‘spanner in the works’ turns out to be the very best intervention there ever could be! I for one am keeping my fingers crossed for you on both fronts but I KNOW that whatever path you take will lead to a wonderful fulfilling career. 🙂

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