Confessions of an Almost Hunger Games-a-holic

I am on the verge of a Hunger Games obsession.

It has nothing to do with whose playing the guys in the film (I’m not that shallow) it’s just that I so cannot wait for the film to be released this Friday that I’m actually tempted to reread the trilogy….yes the same trilogy that I started and finished in late January/early February.

I want to know as much as possible about the upcoming film but I’m loathe to watch any clips because I don’t want to spoil it. Also I saw a photo on Twitter of Edith Bowman wearing a Mockingjay pin and I totally need one now. I found it on Forbidden Planet’s website and it’s just over £10 which is kind of extortionate.

I’ve heard that the film has been well received which is pretty darn good although that doesn’t mean it’s faithful to the book. Although since I read a while back, on IMDB, that Suzanne Collins did the screenplay my worries have been eased, you can’t go far wrong if the author is involved (worries worsened by the lazy-arsed journalist who couldn’t be bothered to do their job properly and compared it to Twilight).

It doesn’t help that I have three potential trips to the cinema planned for it, although my mum has said she’s willing to wait for it to come out on DVD so maybe it’s just two. It also doesn’t help that on the bus on the way to university this morning it was advertised on the side of quite a few buses (and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour was advertised at many a bus stop).

Only five days left….just five days



6 responses to “Confessions of an Almost Hunger Games-a-holic

  • summum1967

    Hate to break it to you but we are in London doing stuff for your other obsession on 23rd!!!!

  • beckyday6

    Eeeeeeeekkkkkk! I’m so excited xD I’ve definitely got a Hunger Games obsession going on. I too have been trying to avoid clips, because I don’t want anything to be given away.
    It was so funny…..I was in the car with my mum and grandad the other day and we were just cruising along when I suddenly let out this huge sorta squeel/sqeek because a bus went by with the poster on it. I felt so embarrased haha!
    I don’t know what I’m going to do if I exit the movie thinking it’s crap…… :S it better not be!

  • Summer Grant

    Haha, that’s totally awesome! You shouldn’t be embarased but next time may the odds be ever in your favour and with any luck you’ll squeal with no witnesses 😛

  • Tayqlor

    I am ridiculously obsessed with THG. I’m with you on the avoiding watching any TV spots after, like, the first two trailers. I hate things getting ruined for me, I’ve been avoiding all the news about the film for the past few weeks because of it. As for the screenplay being faithful to the books: I’m not worried. Gary Ross (the director) has repeatedly said they didn’t make many changes, and anything they did change was done with Suzanne Collins’ consent.
    I am so excited!

    • Summer Grant

      Oh excellent! That’s made me feel better about it! Yeah, I try my best to avoid it all but sometimes the media like to make it really difficult haha.
      I can’t wait either, everythin bout it is pointing at it being so amazing.

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