Sneak Peak at Warner Bros. Studio Tour

You all know I’m gonna be there on the open day (so is Rupert Grint according to reports) but guess who has been invited to a preview of the tour before it opens to the general public.

Yep, me! I don’t even really know why it happened! I emailed their press office asking if it was possible to be a part of the press at the red carpet event so I could maybe get some quotes for my Major Project and they came back basically saying; ‘hey how would you like to be here before the rest of the public?’ The Potterhead in me (which is probably over half) jumped at the opportunity.

Of course I would like to, in fact I would absolutely love to! So next Friday I’m skipping my Law seminar (I actually seem to be doing alright in that even though I haven’t done the reading, I was really worried about it) in favour of a jaunt up to London with my mum for an early look at the sets and props (she said she’s quite happy to have that as her Mother’s Day present instead of a new pair of slippers). 

I can’t wait, this time next week the tour would be complete and I’ll be counting down the days until the opening day (because there is no way on earth I’m giving those tickets up after spending all that money on them…plus I want the programme I paid for and some butterbeer!)

Anyway I’m totally excited, It’s a rare opportunity to spend time in the places that I’ve been imagining since I was seven-years-old without disruption from loads of other people, I think I’m most looking forward to seeing the Great Hall and the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets……and the Knightbus and Diagon Ally and the creature Workshop and Hagrid’s Hut and Dumbledore’s Office and Mrs Weasley’s Kitchen………


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