Laura Marling in Southampton

Last night was a vast difference from the last time I saw her, mainly because it was at the Guildhall and not at a cathedral with Jane Austin buried nearby (although that was a brilliant gig too).

There’s something about a Laura Marling gig, they’re a lot more relaxing than most and she wouldn’t be out-of-place humming in a dingy little pub although I don’t begrudge her the larger venues because she completely and utterly deserves to grace those stages.

I listened to her on the radio a while back and she said that she wasn’t much good at talking between the songs, but you wouldn’t think it, she’s quite anecdotal talking about when she first started playing shows and she interacts with the audience too. Someone shouted out asking if she was a good whistler and she dutifully whistled a few notes of one her own songs (after humourously  saying ‘yes I am an exceptionally good whistler, thank you very much for asking’).

Her parents were in attendance too, and she felt like she had to apologise to her mum for swearing just before she performed her new song (she said that she always liked it when people fucked up so she found it exciting performing new things in case she screwed up).

There was also a moment when she started coughing in My Manic and I and everyone started cheering and she said ‘oh no, no, it’s supposed to be intense, remember’ so you know, she’s pretty funny too. I think she’s got the whole chatting with the audience part of her job down as well.

Anyway, the music. It captivates you, truly it does. There’s no place you’d rather look than at the stage, most of the time the audience prefered to listen to her, except for Ghosts, there was some singing-along happening there. She has this quirk of leaning backwards and looking up at the ceiling while she’s playing her guitar and it made me feel that it’s because she’s into her music, like she’s visualising the lyrics and can see them playing out before her or something.

Alpha Shallows and Alas I Cannot Swim were awesome too. there’s something really dramatic and addictive about the former and the latter is the opposite, it’s jaunty and light (well the lyrics aren’t but the tune is).

However, my favourite ever song Captain and the Hourglass was not played. I think I might have to keep going to her gigs until I finally hear it live.

If you like folksy, country and whatever else she might be pigeon-holed as you might as well check her out. If you love music the I definitely recommend her to you.


2 responses to “Laura Marling in Southampton

  • El Guapo

    Sounds like a good time.
    I checked out the song you suggested, and a bunch of her stuff.
    She’s good, but overall a bit mellow for me. I have to be in the right frame of mind to really get into it.

  • Summer Grant

    Oh I totally get that, some of her songs can bring you down if you’re not in the proper mood to enjoy them. Glad you liked her though! 🙂

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