Florence and the Machine in Birmingham

Florence just about to come on stage

I am soooooooo tired. Didn’t get home until gone two in the morning.

Now that I’m complaining. Yesterday was awesome. Florence is awesome, she is absolutely phenomenal, and not just because of her voice. Her stage presence, her chat with the crowd and the simple fact that she looked like she was enjoying herself, unlike the support who I shall not even mention beyond this point because they were the worst I have seen in a while.

Now, my friend and I live on the South Coast, we missed out on tickets to see her in Bournemouth…..so we got ones for Birmingham instead (well we didn’t get them, they were a Christmas present from my mum) it took about three maybe three and a half hours to get there.

We got there a couple of hours early so therefore bagged a place near the front of the queue which ultimately led to a very close spot to the stage (and unfortunately some annoying teenagers).  

We were both aching (I blame the sitting down for most of the day and then all the standing) and gradually growing rather thirsty and it being a tad too hot. But when she stepped out on that stage it was all worth it.

Singing; If Only for a Night

 Everything was amazing, her voice was on top form, the set was pretty damn good and ‘The Machine’ worked faultlessly to support her. Even the cape was amazing.

I think the best performances of the night came in the form of Cosmic Love, What the Water Gave me and Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up). For the latter she encouraged guys to raise girls they were with onto their shoulders. No Light No Light was pretty damn good too, especially that one long note.

Unfortunately during Dog Days are Over I came over a  bit ill, a mixture of thirst and heat I guess so we had to give up our fantastic spot at the front for one over at the side….which still had a great view. It was after this that she stopped and had a little chat with everyone, she asked how everybody was and said she was concerned that people might be getting too hot and to make sure that we all drank some water and went on to say how she wished she could shake all our hands individually and say thanks for watching.

So close

She was pretty funny too especially. Anyway, I should hurry and say goodbye, I need to get ready before Laura Marling tonight (thankfully in Southampton). Florence is one of the best songwriters about and she is such a charismatic performer that one her gigs are always going to be something special, it’s definitely one of my favourites.

Now I have a dilemma, do I listen to Florence and the Machine today and relive last night’s awesomeness, or do I listen to Laura Marling in preparation for tonight?


5 responses to “Florence and the Machine in Birmingham

  • El Guapo

    Glad you had a good time.
    I saw her in Central Park, NY as a headline, and then opening for U2 in Miami.
    You’re right, she does put on a good show!

    And now I have to look up Laura Marling…

    Oh, she’s playing in Brooklyn in June. If I like the music, maybe I’ll check her out. Thanks!

    • Summer Grant

      She was amazing, I’d definitely go see Florence and the Machine again, it’s brilliant that she’s got a wonderful set-list of songs too!

      Ah, awesome, I’d recommend checking out Ghosts by Laura Marling it’s quite catchy and the way her voice breaks in some bits is lovely too. Let me know what you think of her!

  • faye vaughan

    Hi …on way to see florence tonight at manchester men and sooo excited….running a bit late so can tell me what time she actually came on stage???

    • Summer Grant

      Heya, I think she came on about nine but don’t hold me to it. The support started early but there was a fair amount of waiting time and Florence herself didn’t finish until 11 so you should still see plenty of her. Enjoy the show!

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