Two More Books to be Expected from the Best Canadian Author Ever

I need a fix of Kelley Armstrong and I need it now.

This was the subconscious thought that took me by the hand and led me through the complex and convoluted world of the internet to her official website. You see I think I’m suffering withdrawal but it’s so close to her next release I must hold on. Next month she will be releasing ‘The Calling’ which is part of her Darkness Rising series and it will be the second to feature Maya, who I personally think has to be Armstrong’s strongest protagonist since Elena and Eve. Sure it’s not ‘Thirteen’ which will finally end the Women of the Otherworld series (that I’m willing to put off).

But whenever I need a bit of Armstrong in my life I always end up at her website looking through her ever-growing collection of book titles, and just minutes ago I noticed a new addition….well actually two new additions.

She’s starting a new series called Omens and Shadows, I haven’t a clue what it’s about but doesn’t it just sound awesome? I can’t wait but alas the blank spot where the cover will one day be is adorned with the ‘coming soon’ banner.

And then I scrolled down a tiny, little bit to have a look at the Nadia Stafford series and guess what!? There’s a book 3 coming! Now, I know that Nadia Stafford might be the weakest of her writing but the second book was a major improvement upon the first and who knows what the third might bring!

Anyway, this bit of news should sustain me until next month…and then ‘The Calling’ should keep me going until July when ‘Thirteen’ bids goodbye to one of the greatest series I have ever delved into.


18 responses to “Two More Books to be Expected from the Best Canadian Author Ever

  • El Guapo

    Never heard of her.
    What kind of stories?

    • Summer Grant

      She writes supernatural, crime, thriller. I think some people say she’s a pioneer of dark fantasy. It deals with werewolves (like really cool werewolves) but it doesn’t strike like a fantasy it’s kind of just like a group of people who are a but abnormal 😛 the Nadia Stafford series is about a hit woman, no supernatural stuff there.

  • chattingwithspirit

    I too have never heard of her – maybe it’s a generation ‘thing’ but have to say I love your enthusiasm … and how exciting to look forward to something so much – my husband is the same when he is looking forward to playing with some new techy stuff when it’s due out – I’m the same when I’m waiting to go away on a spiritual residential course … looking forward to ‘events’ whatever they are makes life so special doesn’t it? 🙂

  • showard76

    Oooh great news! I await thirteen with a mixture of excitement and sadness, but the news of more books in the other series’ is heartening! 😀

  • beckyday6

    Hey Summer/El Guapo. Urban fantasy maybe?
    Urban fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy defined by place; it has an urban setting. Many urban fantasies are set in contemporary times and contain supernatural elements. However, the stories can take place in historical, modern, or futuristic periods. The prerequisite is that they must be primarily set in a city. – Wikipedia

  • thej85

    Kelley Armstrong’s books are awesome! Must reads for our whole family. We actually got to meet her a couple months ago…it was a whole family evemt! If you love her books as much as we do (and it looks like you just might) you may also enjoy P.C. Cast (also must reads in our family). Her House of Night series (written with her daughter Kristen) is really good and I also especially enjoyed her Divine trilogy.
    Happy reading!

  • Summer Grant

    That’s amazing it would be totally awesome if she did one here, but alas, I have no local library for her to go to.

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