March is an Exciting Month

I have a weird urge to just write a blog, you know when you just get that urge to write when you have nothing to write about. So I’ve given in and I’m going to ramble, unfortunately for you.

Guess what I’m excited for, like stupidly excited. Well, there’s a couple of things actually but at the moment I mean The Hunger Games coming to the big screen. Everybody I talk to about it are really excited too. The only other films I have looked forward to this much were the Harry Potter ones. Although I’m nervous too, there’s every chance they might screw it up like Eragon was screwed up, now that’s a travesty of a book to screen adaptation if ever I saw one.

The bit I’m most looking forward to is the relationship between Katniss and Rue, I think that’s my favourite part of the whole series just because it was something sweet and calm in the hostile world of Panem and its Hunger Games. I’m sure they’ve got the casting right too, there’s actually no one I could imagine playing President Snow other than Donald Sutherland and there appears to be a lot of confidence placed in Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

Anyway, moving on from a swiftly up and coming franchise to an already established one, guess what else is going to be at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour (which I go to at the end of the month)? Yeah, the to-scale model replica of Hogwarts castle which would have been used in any establishing shots throughout the films, apparently it’s the last thing we see on the tour, but that was completely overshadowed by the news that they will be serving butterbeer on the tour. Thank god! I was thinking I might have to go aaaaall the way to America to try some, it would make for a pretty expensive drink.

And speaking of Harry Potter I trust that you’ve heard the news that J.K Rowling will be releasing a new book this year. It’s going to be amazing, I’m sure. I’ve been waiting for new material from her for ages, but a lot of my friends say that they want it to be a new Potter book. Don’t get me wrong, something else Harry Potter would be cool, but I think something new would be better. She’s not just the creator of Harry Potter, she’s an author so naturally she’s going to have millions of ideas floating about in her head and I want her to prove to any critics out there that there is more to her than Harry, plus if she puts half as much effort into this as she has into Potter it’s going to be amazing. Expect a review of it to pop up here!


11 responses to “March is an Exciting Month

  • showard76

    I also can’t wait to see the Hunger Games – hope it lives up to expectations after how awesome the books were!!! 😀

    • Summer Grant

      The books were so awesome! Yeah I hope the film doesn;t disappoint, I think it’s failing could be in the romance aspect, if it focuses on that too much they’d sacrifice the other parts of it. Although we shouldn’t fear, I saw the clip where Katniss shoots an arrow through the apple and she looked pretty angry sems they got her right haha!

  • beckyday6

    I just finished the last Hunger Games book and it was so amazing! I’m actually stumped, I don’t know how to review it without it turning into a full blown essay. I absolutely can’t wait for the films to come out! I’m going to attempt to get to the first showing of it near me. Fingers crossed! I’m a bit concerned about the acting skills of the guy playing Peeta though, but the rest of the casting looks spot on like you said.
    I’m still reeling from the last book, I cannot stop thinking about it. Agggh, I don’t think I’ve gone more than two days without listening to the song Safe and Sound. Thats how obsessed I am 🙂
    I’m also really excited for J.K’s new book. But I feel so sorry for her. It must be so stressful to write it because there’s absolutely no way it can live up to the HP series. Either way tonnes of people will be dissapointed. So I think it’s best to look at it as if the book is written by a completely different author.
    Also, how are you getting on with Goodreads? 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      It is amazing isn’t it? Weren’t you gutted about Prim, I mean after everthing Katniss goes through that happens right at the end! Me too! Apparently there’s an advanced screening in Southampton so I mgiht see it on the 22nd instead 😛 I think he might be good, I was watching some crappy film the other day with him (when he was a lot younger) and he was actually pretty good, at the very least he should be able to cope with the Peeta charm 😛 I’m like that too, it’s been a while since I read it but I’m still seeking people out so I can talk about it properly with someone, it just won’t leave me alone! Is that the Taylor Swift song? I only listened to it for the first time yesterday, I think I might have to let it grow on me.
      Ah yeah, I think thats how I’m going to approach it. When I read it I’m not going to think that it’s by the same person who wrote Harry Potter. But then again it’s going to be different so hopefully nobody will even try comparing it to Harry Potter (wishful thinking here)because it’ll probably be like trying to compare a frog to a tiger….kinda difficult!
      Ah, I did mean to reply to your comment about that! I’m liking it, over time I’ve been remembering more books that I’ve read, but I don’t know many people who use it so it hasn’t reached it’s full potential yet haha 😀

      • beckyday6

        Ahh right cool 🙂 I just…..I don’t know, I’m not quite sold on the Goodreads idea yet. haha.
        Agghhhh I know right!?!?! I couldn’t belieive it. Everything she did, she did for Prim, and in the end it was all in vain 😦 And Finnick! Poor, poor Finnick. I actually cried my eyes out all through the end of the book!
        It’s really strange, because my friend actually hated the last one. She said she felt really detached from it and didn’t like it at all. But I argue she’s missing the whole point of the book. I think she was just disapointed because there wasn’t enough romance 😉
        Yeah it’s the Taylor Swift song. I wasn’t that bothered by it at first but it’s sorta hollow melecholly feel grew on me 🙂
        :O An early screening! I’m so jelous! It’s great for you though, I hope you manage to get in! 🙂

      • beckyday6

        Also, what did you think of the whole Katniss voting for another Hunger Games thing? Did you take that as her way of getting to Coin or do you think she really wanted another Hunger games?

    • Summer Grant

      Oh, I completely forgot about that! :O Erm I’m not sure, I didn’t really ge why she did, especially since she was in it twice! Yeah I think maybe she had a different motive for it.
      If you ever are sold on it you know where to find me 😛 it’s a tricky one though because it does seem a little limited. Ah yeah Finnick, right after he found Annie as well! That wasn’t fair at all! for a moment I didn’t want to believe it because there was hardly a fuss made about it like with Cinna, I didn’t want to belive it with him either. I was almost crying with Prim though. I loved the book, I thought giving it a bittersweet ending when it’s been such a bittersweet story all the way through was a good touch. Haha, I get at, I wanted there to be more between Katniss and Peeta but I’m glad there wasn’t otherwise it would have ruined the balance she had created. Haha, I hope so, don;t worry won’t ruin it for you but I might make a comment about hot good it is 😛

      • beckyday6

        No me neither, at first I was sure it was so she could get to Coin, but then I started thinking about it and I’m sure she would have gotten to her either way so…confusing haha.
        Ohh yeah Cinna! I was sure he was going to turn up alive at the end, I never actually believed he was dead, I didn’t believe Effie was dead either. But then it turned out Cinna WAS dead, which was sad :/
        Haha, a film review will definitely be going up on my blog after I’ve seen it. I’ll never be able to keep my thoughts to myself! 🙂

      • beckyday6

        Just booked to see it on the 22nd. Hell yeah! 😉 Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      Ah Effie, I didn’t think she was either! This is getting me in a frenzied state for the 22/23 haha. I might have to post a review too! Although I’m gonna be sitting there going that’s different from the book, hey that too!
      No worries 😀 glad you managed an early one!!!

  • El Guapo

    I’m with you. Hoping the new JK will be able to exist outside of the Harry Potter shadow.
    And not suck.

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