Any One Book #6

Cover of "Angela Carter's Book of Fairy T...

Cover of Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales

Yes, it’s time for Any One Book again. I’ve been looking forward to this one because I haven’t read much in a while and It will be good to start again.

Now, I don’t actually own this book yet, but I’m about to order it from Amazon. It’s called Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales which is bound to be amazing. For English in college we had to study another one of her books called The Bloody Chamber and I quickly learnt that fairy tales in Angela Carter’s world aren’t what we grew up with.

In fact she takes fairy tales back to what they used to be, gruesome, bloody and highly insane. After one year of studying it I could never look at Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood or Puss in Boots the same again. 

Her mind was a confusing but wonderous place and I’m fully looking forward to getting lost in it again and feel free to get lost with me.


3 responses to “Any One Book #6

  • beckyday6

    Haha, it looks like our reading is compliamenting each other! I’m currently diving into the world of Grimm Fairytales.
    I’ve never actually heard of Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales though…I think a version of Little Red Riding Hood was published by the Grimm Brother as well? I’m not 100% on that though?
    I look forward to hearing all about it in your review! Is Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales a newish book, or has it been kicking around for ages and I just heven’t come across it?

    • Summer Grant

      Haha, that’s prettycool. I really want to read the Grimm Fairytales! I hadn’t heard of it until the other day, I spotted it when I was aimlessly wondering around Watestone’s and I loved The bloody Chamber so much that had to get it.
      I think it’s been around for a while, she died in 1992….which I only just learnt, it might have just ben published again or something though because I’ve never seen it in the shop before!

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