What does One Say to an Ex Minister of Magic?

This is just a very quick post about my major project again (I promise I’ll write about something else soon) but I just got off the phone with another agent/publicist (which believe me is a massive breakthrough, a year ago I would have been terrified of phoning a complete stranger).

This Friday I’m going to be interviewing Robert Hardy over the phone. He played Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter series but aside from the he’s a BAFTA winner and was awarded a CBE in 1981. To anyone not brought up in the Harry Potter generation he’s most well-known for his role as Winston Churchill or perhaps Siegfried Farnon in the TV series All Creatures Great and Small (yes I have just done a nifty bit of research).

I’m nervous, it’s not everyday you get to speak to the Minister of Magic, guess I could be a political correspondent after all!

Also, before I go I want to say how sad I am to hear about Whitney Houston. I’m not going to pretend that I listened to her music or was a massive fan, but she was still relatively young and she was talented and it’s a shame when anybody dies. R.I.P.

And one last thing. Happy Valentine’s Day!


5 responses to “What does One Say to an Ex Minister of Magic?

  • chattingwithspirit

    How fantastic that your confidence is growing! I am absolutely sure that if you are just you when you do the interview Robert Hardy you will be fine – you come across on here as a bright bubbly intelligent person – and everyone will warm to that! He has always struck me as a true gent, so I’ll look forward to reading what you think of him!

    Yes, was a shame about Whitney. Like you I wasn’t a massive fan, but it does make you wonder why do so many talented people die so young? Seems that they have everything to us normal people, but, maybe they don’t. Very sad.

    Happy Valentines Day to you too ….. hope you have a great day!

    • Summer Grant

      🙂 thank you! I’m looking forward to it too, I think it’s going to be a really good interview, he seems like a nice man. I’ll let you know as soon as I can how it goes. I would post the interview too but I don’t want to run the risk of plagiarising myself, but I’ll put it up once everything has been marked as well 🙂

  • summum1967

    Good for you Summer x #proudasalways

  • El Guapo

    That’s great!
    Maybe he’ll really open up to you, and you can write the long awaited expose on Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman’s special Sunday “tea” gatherings!
    Rock on, Summer! Can;t wait to hear how it went.

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