On a Bit of a Roll

So, I’ve made some progress with my Major Project.

Firstly; I got a call the other day from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour people asking if I minded if they moved my tour from two o’clock to half 12. I said no, that’s cool. And they said We’re sorry to do this but there will be a red carpet event happening that day, we can give you an earlier time if you want but you should still have time to be able to do the entire tour and see the red carpet event.

So, I’m going to look into this and see if there’s any chance I can corner anybody who attends (assuming they’re Harry Potter stars) and get them to answer some questions for my Major Project (cheeky I know).

Secondly; I sent out a lot of emails and was getting a few polite rejections until I got one back from a publicist who used to go to my university.

She said that unfortunately Jason(Isaacs) was filming in America so I wouldn’t be able to interview him…..but then she also said feel free to send some emails over for Bonnie, Oliver and Helen.

With the excitement came a huge dollop of relief, I didn’t think I’d get anything from anyone but instead I’m now writing questions for Ginny, George and Narcissa!

Also I’ve heard rumours that the film adaptation of Les Miserables might be filming in Portsmouth and that Helena Bonham Carter might be a part of the cast. If that’s true I hope they hurry up and get there before May for the chance to interview her for my Major Project too.


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