My Final Major Project

Being in my last year of university this has to be the biggest cause of my stress, yet for once it’s stress that’s enjoyable. My major project is to be made up of 8,000 words worth of articles and, quite naturally since I’m me, I’ve decided to base my magazine around Harry Potter.

Obviously I’m excited about this, Harry Potter is something I can write about without ever getting bored. However getting material to write about could be a bit of a problem. I’m going to the studio tour on the opening day so I’ll write about that (very excited by the latest news that the Knight Bus will be there), I’ve been sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore so I might write about my experience of that (after flicking through the terms and conditions of the site) and I know people all around the world who love Harry Potter as much as I do so I will be writing a feature about them (the interviews are already done).

But both my course leader and I know that there will be no substance to it without interviews from the cast and crew. It’s supposed to be a fan magazine and fans want to know about the stars. So with this in mind my notebook contains a list of 77 names with the hope that at least a few members of the cast and crew might be willing to help (I’ve even made a twitter account just for my major project).

With these interviews I’m hoping to get an article about a few of the stars and what they’re up to now and if they have still to get used to the fact that Harry Potter is over for them. I know it sounds a bit recycled but I’m going to be sitting down soon and mind mapping a few angles hoping that something a bit more original might pop onto the piece of paper.

There’s also a lot of myths going around online about Nagini being the boa constrictor that Harry saves in the first book and that Lily was pregnant when she died and Snape was going to be the godfather. I don’t believe these but me and my course leader thought it  might be a good idea to have a feature that either confirms or discredits them.

I’m really enjoying it at the moment, but I’m a tiny bit worried about getting interviews, guess we’ll just see how it goes  With any luck I’ll get an ‘outstanding’ but I’d be happy with an ‘exceeds expectations’ or above.


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