Addicted to Christina Perri

Yes, that might sound weird but whenever I discover an artist that I really like the sound of, it is usually a good few days before I listen to anything else. The latest collection of songs to be added to my iTunes library is Christina Perri’s album Lovestrong.

I am a music geek, well a geek in the sense that I always have to have some on. A bus journey rarely goes by without some sort of soundtrack, when I’m reading I like to have a musical accompaniment, when I’m walking my iPod is always on blaring out whatever song had caught my fancy and when I’m writing I find music a wonderful source of motivation and inspiration. There was a time in my life when I wanted so resolutely to be a music journalist that the revelation that I’d much prefer writing about science and technology was a shock. However if the latter doesn’t work out I will happily aim for the former with a passion that has yet to be subdued.

I was in HMV yesterday (buying Lacuna Coil’s new album Dark Adrenaline) and there was this song playing throughout the store, it captured my attention so much but I had no idea who the singer was. My boyfriend told me to listen to the lyrics, remember some of them and search them when we got back to his.

We both forgot and watched melancholia instead.

Then I caught the bus home, my one hour twenty-minute journey taking place to the folksy quirks of Laura Marling. Upon getting home, turning the laptop on and signing into Facebook I had a message from my boyfriend which included the song and the artist from HMV.

And thus I was introduced to Christina Perri.

I swiftly Spotified her, devoured the album and remembered that I had money left over on iTunes from a voucher I got at Christmas and then proceeded to download the album. I haven’t stopped listening to it since then. And if I haven’t been listening to it the songs have been running through my head. Which is why I must declare that I am addicted to Christina Perri, and this is why:

The album is a beautiful piece of work. She is such a diverse singer-songwriter, her voice invites you into the song and you just become so throughly immersed in it that when the end comes a bitter tinge of disappointment comes with it too.

Now, those of you who have read music posts from me before know that I am a fan of a lot of British music but that isn’t because I’m stubbornly patriotic and refuse to allow artists from other countries into my music collection, it is because nothing grabbed me as much as British artists have in the past few years.  

But this American singer has managed to break through the wall of homegrown artists I have surrounded myself with and commanded my attention that no artist has been able to do since Laura Marling came into my life.

Arms is a charming track and along with many of comrades gets you tapping your foot or maybe even swaying slightly, it makes you feel safe which is kind of a weird thing to say and even I don’t know what I mean by it. If this was any sort of normal debut album this would be the stand out track, but there are so many more.

The power of her talent swells to bursting the further you get into the album. Jar of Hearts is a heart-wrenching song, I’m assuming it’s at least a little auto-biographical because no one can put that much emotion into a song and not mean it.

And there are The Lonely, Sad Song and Tragedy all in succession at the end of the album. They’re a little sad but again they’re so powerful. The last in particular showcases her talent, it’s one of those that can make you shiver. Granted the time of my first hearing it I was in a very cold room, but I’m pretty sure it was the song that caused the shivering.

If there is any justice in the world hers will be a name that will be heard more often. I honestly think that a talent like hers is hard to come by and she has utilised it in such a near perfect way. I have spent my evening listening to her music and reading the end of Pride and Prejudice (the six word review of which can be found on The Book List) and I have to say it has been very fulfilling.

I’ll leave you with the song that I heard in HMV and that my boyfriend found for me:


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