One Last Chance for the Boy-Who-Lived

What more perfect way could there be to celebrate a franchise as big as Harry Potter by finally awarding it an Oscar? The nominations are out and the biggest franchise to hit cinemas in recent history has been put up for three awards.

Best Achievement in Art Direction

Best Achievement in Makeup

Best Achievement in Visual Effects

The last of which I think it utterly deserves, however while I’m pleased that Harry Potter has accumulated another three Oscar nominations I appear to be the only fan who is happy. Many fan sites such as and some of my friends believe it to have been snubbed.

Sure it would have been nice if it had been put up for best picture (because it totally was) but most of the complaints are for not acknowledging the acting talent. For instance many believe that as Snape, Alan Rickman gave a performance of a lifetime (indeed his acting is some of the best throughout the films)  but I for one never expected the films to be applauded for their acting.

This isn’t to say that I don’t think they can’t act I just think that the main three have yet to properly prove themselves in Hollywood. We all think of them as their Harry Potter characters and it would be unfair to throw nominations at them if they have yet to properly explore their talents.

As for the other cast, Dame Maggie Smith is wonderful but she wasn’t given much to do, Helena Bonham Carter is insanely magnificent and perhaps her best Harry Potter moment was breaking into Gringotts bank but she does play the crazy person an awful lot, Julie Walters is a national treasure but again she didn’t have much and Ralph Fiennes was the only person who could have played Voldemort but perhaps the meer mention of his name terrified the critics.

But there is one other hindrance to the series and their talents. It’s a fantasy and the Oscars like stuff like The Iron Lady and The Blind Side, historical or heartwarming tales with profound meanings. Of course I think the meaning behind Harry Potter is profound and I think it has heartwarming moments but alas, I do not have the power to decide.

So instead of claiming that the series has been snubbed, be glad and celebrate the fact that Harry Potter has been given three more chances to grab an Oscar, be glad that the talents of the crew are being recognised because we all know that the talents of the cast are exceptional. With the effort and ingenuity that the crew have put into the creation of props, animatronics and the Final Battle they deserve to finally be recognised, they’re certainly some of the best in the industry yet they remain behind the scenes.

Hopefully this year they’ll finally be able to come to the fore and will be the ones to go up and with any luck they’ll come away with not one but three statuettes.


4 responses to “One Last Chance for the Boy-Who-Lived

  • El Guapo

    It is nice that they were nominated for anything (and they do deserve them), but I don’t think there is any rhyme or reason to the nominating process. Also, Lord of the Rings cleaned up a while back, the Academy might be fantasied out…

    • Summer Grant

      Honestly I think the Oscars are pretentious (although I still get caught up in the anticipation) but I just want the film to win one so badly because there has been a lot of hard work throughout the franchise, I mean people who can make self-stirring cauldrons and self-filling champagne glasses without any CGI deserves an award! Haha, it could be…damn hobbits…although I am actualy looking forward to The Hobbit!

  • Turber

    I agree with you, the finest Actors/Actresses didn’t have much chance to show their extraordinary abilities.
    Although Alan Rickman made an impact on almost everybody, even in that very short sequence, which was probably the best in the whole movie.
    Anyway instead of crying that lovely Alan won’t be taking home a bald, naked golden guy, we should be grateful, that he provided some excellence to the saga. *gone comforting disappointed Rickmaniacs* 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      Indeed, The Prince’s Tale sequence was just fantastic and it would not have been the same if someone else played Snape and he did indeed contribute to the excellence of the films. Out of them all I thought he was the most likely to be nominated but I comfort myself in the fact that he is a very talented guy and he will get the recognition he deserves one day (hopefully soon) 🙂

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