Underworld Awakening

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially a vampire who has a habit of kicking arse and killing her elders. Yes, I speak to you of Selene the death dealer who just didn’t give a damn until the sweet unsuspecting Michael Corvin stumbled into the world of vampires and lycans.

Today I went to see the newest instalment of the Underworld series and despite a suspicion that I might be disappointed I came away satisfied. Sure there was some bad acting on behalf of the new guy, David, and it looked like the inspiration of Subject Two came from The Ring and some of the action was left wanting.

The concept was pretty damn good. After over coming the perils of facing and killing her elders in the first two films Selene and Michael find themselves in a world thrown into chaos when the existence of vampires and lycans becomes common knowledge and humans start to purge the non human species.

To avoid this Michael and Selene are to leave via ship but being cornered by humans on her way to the dock Selene is running late and by the time she gets there it’s too late. Michael is hurt falls into the water and just as she reaches his sinking body a bomb is thrown into the water and pulls them apart.

And then 12 years pass.

In the middle of a medical research centre there is panic as a test subject escapes and releases another, the latter being Selene herself, confused at finding herself in such a position as the last thing she remembers was from 12 years ago. With Michael nowhere in sight she goes on a rampage killing many of her captors in her bid to escape.

The story that follows while not as good as the previous films is still enjoyable, there are a couple of twists one of them had been rumoured since the second film and while Selene is quite desperate to find Michael she still retains an air of independence.

Even though the action throughout the film sometimes seems uninspired there’s the occasional edge-of -your-seat stuff like the destruction of the giant lycan.

There is one observation I have to make and it’s a bit of a spoiler but it is to do with the rumour that has been in circulation for a good few years. For twelve years Selene, who is British, is frozen and her daughter is raised in America (I’m guessing that’s where the films are set, everybody seems to be American) amongst people who have American accents, she has never spoken a word to her mum yet she has a perfect British accent….not even David and Victoria Beckham’s children have a British accent!

It might not be as strong as the other films but I definitely recommend it if you’ve kept up with the series beforehand, if however you haven’t I urge you to at least see the first one!


7 responses to “Underworld Awakening

  • El Guapo

    No interest in seeing the movie, but good review. At least I’ll know what’s going on if it comes up in conversation…

  • beckyday6

    Oooh I’m intrigued. I’m a big Kate Beckingsale since I saw her in Van Healsing and I really enjoyed the previous films. They take vampires back to their traditional kick ass selves rather than people that sparkle *cough* Twilight *cough* When I look at these films I can imagine how awesome Kelley Armstrong’s books could be if they were turned into films by the right director.
    I actually haven’t heard much about Underworld Awakening, and I’ve only seen it advertisted once, so thanks for the reminder, and great review! 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      I discovered her in the first Underworld film, I didn’t realise she was the one in Van Helsing until I saw it a second time! haha. I know right, I think that’s what made the first one so amazing, it kind of threw you into the action straight away and there was nothing pathetic about it and you’re right, I’ve heard rumours that the Kelley armstrong books are to be adapted but it’ll be difficult to do them justice on the big sreen.

  • H.E. ELLIS

    This looks awesome, but I had a hard time following the first movie’s storyline. My boys however, love them. I wonder why. 😉

    • Summer Grant

      Haha, that’s probably the same reason the guys I know like it! It’s been so long since I’ve seen the first film otherwise I could try and clear things up but I’d probably just make it more confusing!

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