New Issue of Hype

Yay, the new issue of Hype magazine has finally gone live. This is the one that I am deputy editor of. If you have a look through I wrote the article on page 76 and also designed the pages for the Muppets and J Edgar reviews as well as the puppy farming article and a couple of others 🙂 Everyone worked really hard on this and I’m pleased at how it has come together!

Oh, I should probably also mention that my boyfriend wrote the Muppets and J Edgar reviews!

You can find it here:


8 responses to “New Issue of Hype

  • chattingwithspirit

    🙂 Wowsers, I am so chuffed for you!! How wonderful to be part of this and see your interviews published in a mag … absolutely brilliant!

    Loved reading the interview with Fay Rusling … I am sure you had mentioned this programme in your blog before and your sadness at it’s untimely demise!

    Very very very well done … your Mum must be SO proud of you.

    As a bloggy friend I’m sending you a cyber celebratory hug. (don’t worry I won’t make a habit of it!)

    • Summer Grant

      XD Thank you very much! Yeah I did, I’m still quite sad about it. apparently it’s getting some fans in America though, so you never know it might be brought back!

      She is, she shared it on facebook straight away haha!

      Thank you again, I appreciate the cyber hug!

  • beckyday6

    Haha, this looks excellent congrats 🙂 I really love some of the photography and the layouts, there really original! One question though, is it supposed to be ironic/some kind of statement that you have a piece on little kids talking about terroist attacks juxtaposed with a Cheryl Cole advert? Lol

    • Summer Grant

      We tried our best to make the design as original as possible, can’t take responsibility for the photos though. Haha, you know what? I have no idea! I didn’t have any part in the choosing of the adverts, all I know is that we needed to have ones suitable for our target audience, it does seem quite a statement though haha!

  • El Guapo

    Ok, so I only looked at the parts you called out.
    But they look great!
    And the reviews and profile are really good too!


  • Sarah Addyman

    I’ve tweeted to see who else is reading… so hopefully you’ll have some nosey people clicking on the link to find out what it’s about.

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