Any One Book #4

The very first Any One Book of the year so I’m going to start with an author I’ve never heard of. Her name is Naomi Novik and the book in question is called Temeraire (for the UK it is at least. It also goes by the name His Majesty’s Dragon elsewhere).

Temeraire is the first novel in a series which appears to all be about the Napoleonic Wars,except with dragons. It seems to be well received and Peter Jackson (you know, the dude with an aversion to films of a reasonable length) has even taken an interest and might very well be transferring the books to the big screen.

I was given this free when I pre-ordered Inheritance so I might as well give it a go, it didn’t cost me anything so the least I can do is hear the author out. Not that I do so resentfully, as a fantasy and history geek this promises to be a very good read.

I was originally going to read Dorian Gray for this instalment of Any One Book but it looks to be quite short so decided to just read it and only blog about it if I find it particularly interesting.

I hope you enjoy this book, and as always feel free to share your thoughts, they are always welcome.


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