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Addicted to Christina Perri

Yes, that might sound weird but whenever I discover an artist that I really like the sound of, it is usually a good few days before I listen to anything else. The latest collection of songs to be added to my iTunes library is Christina Perri’s album Lovestrong.

I am a music geek, well a geek in the sense that I always have to have some on. A bus journey rarely goes by without some sort of soundtrack, when I’m reading I like to have a musical accompaniment, when I’m walking my iPod is always on blaring out whatever song had caught my fancy and when I’m writing I find music a wonderful source of motivation and inspiration. There was a time in my life when I wanted so resolutely to be a music journalist that the revelation that I’d much prefer writing about science and technology was a shock. However if the latter doesn’t work out I will happily aim for the former with a passion that has yet to be subdued. Continue reading

Dark Fantasy Writing Course

I have never wished to go to Canada more than I do right at this moment in time. You all know I’m a fan of Kelley Armstrong and in fact quite a few of you are fans too. Well I’ve just found out that she’s going to be teaching a small and intensive Dark Fantasy writing course at the University of Toronto in the summer.

Only 12 people will be a part of it and it’s only on for five days but man I wish I could go, the price tag of $649 has definitely put a stop to this dream.

Although if you’ve somehow stumbled upon my blog and happen to live nearer than I do and you love to write and have already written something I urge to check it out. Kelley Armstrong is amazing and I have no doubt she’d be an amazing teacher.

Now, time to see if there’s an author in the UK doing something similar…

One Last Chance for the Boy-Who-Lived

What more perfect way could there be to celebrate a franchise as big as Harry Potter by finally awarding it an Oscar? The nominations are out and the biggest franchise to hit cinemas in recent history has been put up for three awards.

Best Achievement in Art Direction

Best Achievement in Makeup

Best Achievement in Visual Effects Continue reading

Underworld Awakening

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially a vampire who has a habit of kicking arse and killing her elders. Yes, I speak to you of Selene the death dealer who just didn’t give a damn until the sweet unsuspecting Michael Corvin stumbled into the world of vampires and lycans.

Today I went to see the newest instalment of the Underworld series and despite a suspicion that I might be disappointed I came away satisfied. Sure there was some bad acting on behalf of the new guy, David, and it looked like the inspiration of Subject Two came from The Ring and some of the action was left wanting.

Continue reading

New Issue of Hype

Yay, the new issue of Hype magazine has finally gone live. This is the one that I am deputy editor of. If you have a look through I wrote the article on page 76 and also designed the pages for the Muppets and J Edgar reviews as well as the puppy farming article and a couple of others 🙂 Everyone worked really hard on this and I’m pleased at how it has come together!

Oh, I should probably also mention that my boyfriend wrote the Muppets and J Edgar reviews!

You can find it here:

What Goes Around Comes Around

Chained stores trump independent ones, the internet trumps chained stores, but what trumps the internet?

I don’t know what it’s like elsewhere but shops and businesses are having a terrible time of it. Despite putting the post-Christmas sales on before Christmas almost everyone has come to the new year very much battered and beaten and perhaps a bit poked and prodded too.

All these massive High Street names are succumbing to the fickle whims of the general public, crashing upon the rocks of bankruptcy and clinging desperately to the precipice of credibility. Names once held with respect are fading into the abyss as debt creeps slowly through the country much like mist along the coast. It surrounds us all and some find it inescapable. Continue reading

Books, Banner and Reviews

It has been an eventful few days, sort of. I’d like to start of by saying thank you to Chattingwithspirit from the Hand in Hand With Spirit blog for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger and Versatile Blogger awards, however I am ashamed to say that I have encountered the same problem from my first Versatile Blogger nomination, which is that I still do not read enough blogs to be able to pass it on. I am in the process of correcting this though. Continue reading

Let’s Dispel This Myth

The year 2012. A busy year for Britain. The Olympics will take place in the summer and hoards of Olympians shall be converging upon our modest Island as they attempt to claim the top spot on the podium. It also happens to be the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, another day in which the royalists will be packed into the streets of London for a glimpse of her majesty. 2012 also marks one hundred years since the tragic sinking of the Titanic and being at a uni in Southampton that is near the Titanic memorial I have a feeling that there will be quite a subdued atmosphere in the city.   Continue reading

Any One Book: Temeraire by Naomi Novik

This book was neither fantastic nor life changing, neither a favourite nor the best written. But do you know what? It was damn enjoyable, charming and a tad intriguing.

While its unique selling point is the fact that it’s about the Napoleonic war but with dragons you don’t really see much of the war. It focuses on the relationship between Captain Will Laurence, in charge of the naval ship the Reliant, and his dragon. He has been a part of the navy since he was 12, steadily working his way through the ranks. He’s happy with life, defending his country from the enemy and has the prospect of marriage on the horizon. Continue reading

If Films Have Taught us Anything it’s to not do this….

Developing robots that can think for themselves. You all know the general myth that’s recycled in films, that one day the machines we created to serve us will instead turn on us and we’d be powerless to stop them. Surely, even though the events are all fictional, there must be some truth in that. Why would something so much more powerful than us want to remain in servitude? Well, they wouldn’t and this should be a lesson observed by all. Robots are not the future and robots are not needed, this I firmly believe. Continue reading