End of the Year

Today is the last day of the year which also means it’s the last of the postaday2011 posts, and I thought what better way to Mark this occasion than summing up the year month by month.


Well I’m sure I made some New Years resolutions that I didn’t keep to hut it was also the month where we went over to Portsmouth to say goodbye to the Ark Royal. One of the victims of the defence review, I grew up seeing it docked in the harbour but now it’s been scrapped, almost a year since. It was also the month me and mum had a Buffy fest, she got the complete boxset for Christmas and we made the most of it!


I went to Stonehenge. It was a Valentine’s day trip, I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be but it was still great. It was also the month I realised how much I loved Wired and subscribed fir a year…which I really need to renew.


Not much happened but I was the editor for a business magazine for two weeks for a uni unit, didn’t go very well I forgot a few things.


I did two weeks work experience a the local newspaper The News and had a few things published, I really enjoyed it and I thinker might have helped me, slightly, to get over my fear of phoning people up.

May and June

I can’t think of anything that happened these two months, just mainly getting excited for the next one. Eurovision happened too.


such a busy month, went up to London for a Harry Potter event at the film museum and then wondered to Trafalgar Square where we watched the Gay Pride Parade. Four days later I went back up to get a wristband for the final premiere where I met a couple of really cool people, the relief when we finally had that bit of plastic around our wrists was amazing. The next day I went back to London for the actual premiere and had an amazing time. By the time I got home from that it was my birthday. Pottermore was announced too.


Marked my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. It was also the month I became acquainted with loads of brilliant people from all over the world. We came together through Pottermore and while we haven’t met it feels like we’ve known each other for ages. They made the Summer a lot of fun and they continue to make days fun now.


Hmm this one is difficult too, I don’t think anything much happened here either.


I went to see Laura Marling at Winchester Cathedral and my eat friend celebrated her 21st by going to see the Lion King in 3D.


After a year if waiting I finally went to see within Temptation who were absolutely amazing, a week later Lacuna Coil were in Bournemouth so I went to see them too, it was a giggy month.


Another busy month full of assignments and Christmas shopping my mum turned 44. It’s been a pretty alright year.

How has yours been?


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