Kinecting is Fun.

Do you know what? The Kinect is fun.

As a bit of a game geek I’ve ha my eye on the Kinect since it first came out. It gives to you what the Eyetoy and the Wii couldn’t offer, a full in game experience. Don’t get me wrong I had a lot of fun with Eyeto when it first came out, it was brilliant and I absolutely love the Wii, Nintendo outdid themselves there.

But I come to you now fresh from setting two world records, one for the 100m sprint and another for the long jump…of course I’d have no chace of doing that in the real world but it’s still nice to say.

Perhaps one of the best features is the fact that it slyly photographs and films you while you’re  playing the games and you’re rewarded afterwards with little snippets of the ridiculous poses you pull throughout.

It was definitely worth the wait, I’m about to nip back for some more…it might be a little addictive…


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