Ab Fab is Absolutely Fabulous

I bought my mum the complete box set of Absolutely Fabulous for her birthday this year, and I’m so glad I did…if for purely selfish reasons.

I’ve always known that it was a cult comedy and before yesterday I had seen only a few episodes. I’ve always be a fan of Jennifer Saunders, I mean her French and Saunders stuff is amazing, especially when they’re making fun of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and of course she makes for an amazing fairy godmother in Shrek and potential mother-in-law for Ross in Friends.

But after forging our way through the first two series yesterday I’ve come to realise how genius the series is. There are some amazing one liners and brilliant imagery. It’s kind of out there but not so much so that it isn’t believable.

Patsy and Edina are two of the best comic characters about, there’s no doubt about that. Always stumbling around drunk, falling out of cars and on one occasion tumbling into two separate graves. One of my favourite moments so far has to be the fire in the kitchen, nothing but a burnt out husk with Patsy slumped over the table unconscious until she sits up at the call of her name, slightly bewildered, covered in ash with the kitchen-destroying cigarette hanging from her mouth exclaiming ‘what happened, I dozed off?’

I’m glad that a new four-part series was commissioned and I can’t wait to see what the three remaining episodes might offer.


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