A Prince in Hospital.

There are two sleeps left until Christmas but on this day the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, finds himself in hospital. Earlier today he suffered chest pains and having turned 90 in June has said it is ‘better safe than sorry.’

The Duke will be undergoing ‘precautionary tests’ and at the moment there’s a chance that he might have to stay the night at the hospital.

Many people have said that recently he has been looking in good health, he attended a meal as recently as last week. But who knows, Kim Jong Il died a sudden unexpected death, hopefully the same won’t happen to the Prince.

Next year marks the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and something tells me it won’t feel such a merry affair to her majesty if her husband fails to recover from whatever it might be that ails him.

There is some concern about the speed in which the news was released. It’s possible that it could mean the situation is more serious than they Royal Family are letting on or it could mean that they are moving with the times and have accepted the fact that if they didn’t release the information it would be come out through social media.

I hope that whatever it is isn’t serious and that he’ll leave the hospital before Christmas and I guess it’s a good thing that he and the Queen are staying in the UK for the Jubilee tour next year otherwise his health might suffer a lot.


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