Take That Need to Take a Look at Themselves

Last night I had the misfortune of catching Take That on TV. While I don’t usually mind them I have to say it all looked rather self indulgent.
It was a concert put on TV and the point from which I tuned in they were all standing on what looked like a giant chess board, had dancers manically jumping about while Jason and the other one who isn’t Mark, Gary or Robbie taking part in some sort dance off to prove who is better.
It’s a bit odd for two tiny people surrounded by an arena full of people, most of whom wouldn’t be able to see, to be concerned only with each other.
And then when they decided to do some of their old stuff instead of playing to the audience they were really talking amongst themselves.
And while they’re playing to themselves there’s this big structure of a man who starts off sitting down and gradually moves about. But looking at it, while the band clamber upon it in the light-up jackets, you can’t help but think how much it cost. What is the point in wasting your money on such an extravagant piece of junk?
Just because by the end if the show it stood god knows how high doesn’t make it a good investment.
I’m all for a good show, I love pyrotechnics and gimmicks, but there’s a limit. It almost seemed as if they did it for themselves rather than their audience.
I hope next time they decide to put on a show they throw their money at something more worthwhile instead.


One response to “Take That Need to Take a Look at Themselves

  • beckyday6

    Ohh thank god I’m so glad someone else noticed this! I too, had the misfortune of catching a couple of minutes of this show inbetween recordings.

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