Only a Handful of Days Left.

I’ve only just realised that there’s only a few days left of postaday2011 and while I’ve only been doing it since October I have to say it’s been pretty difficult.

Finding stuff to talk about is soemtimes had andthen when I’m doing my work it almost slips my mind completely. However, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy it. Although  haven’t been that active lately in replying to comments or reading blogs (not to worry my inbox is full of them and I will read every single one of them after Wednesday) I have come across some brilliant writers and very nice people.

Even though it’s not the end yet I think I have already decided to do postaweek next year instead (you know, if it’s still going ahead). While I loved coming on here every day, regardless of if I had something to say or not, I don’t think I’d be able to keep it up. I know I go on about it a lot, but uni is busy this year, which is no surprise.

But I get stressed out really easily and I think if I put myself through postaday next year knowing the amount of work I have to do (which is a lot of writing) this will definitely slip my mind.

Although, that is not to say I will only be posting once a week, I will still post whenever something pops into my head but it’s not everyday that something does, well not something interesting anyway.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring something more interesting for you to read.


One response to “Only a Handful of Days Left.

  • showard76

    I hadn’t signed up for post-a-day this year (having only discovered it in November – and already being in ROW80 by then) but I have been managing (struggling?) to post nearly every day since about errrm June? Like yourself, sometimes it is a struggle to think of something to write about or even though I may have a list of ideas actually getting those specific things written can take a bit of time – and then there’s life, Uni and all that on top to contend with! I am a glutton for punishment though as I am doing ROW80 again in the New Year and have signed up for 50/50 to watch 50 movies and read 50 books, I think to be safe I may also just sign up for postaweek at least then I may not feel quite so pressured to post every day… hmmm knowing me I will still feel I need to! lol

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