Yay for Christmas Films.

I love this time of the year when all the crappy Christmas films come on. Well, only some of them are crappy. Nightmare Before Christmas is on tonight and that has to be one of the best films ever (seriously my Nightmare Before Christmas collection is the only one that can rival my Harry Potter one).

Every time I walk into HMV they seem to playing The Polar Express which I want to watch but I neither own the DVD or know when it’s on TV. It’s the same with Elf, I mean it has to be on, it is Christmas after all. I can’t wait to see them both!

But stuff like Mrs Miracle is kind of crap. We watched that today, while I put off finishing my politics article, and it was kind of predictable, a Christmas version of Nanny McPhee only less heart warming which is kind of strange considering it’s a Christmas film. Except I didn’t mind watching it, there’s just something about this time of the year that makes any film good.

After which A Christmas Carol came on, we watched that for a little while too, but I found myself wishing for a Muppet or two, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the Muppets.

Personally I’m glad that the Coke advert has been about a lot, and reverted back to its original self. After all, the holidays are coming but how are we to know without that advert to get us all excited?


One response to “Yay for Christmas Films.

  • beckyday6

    Aha, me too. My fave Christmas movie is The Wizard of Oz, it’s always on every year without fail. My parents can’t stand it because they used to have to watch it every Christmas when they were younger because nothing else was on.
    Whats your all time favorite Christmas film? 🙂

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