Pulse Magazine.


Pulse magazine is a contract magazine, where someone hires someone else to make the magazine for them. In this case Empire cinemas hires Southampton Solent University to make a magazine for its employees. At the beginning of the semester my course leader put my name forward to be a feature writer and today I was given the first issue with my name in it.

Quite a few of the people who work on this work on Hype too. I'm there on the end.


Luckily I was given something easy to do to ease into the magazine, it was enjoyable writing it out and naturally, because I’m me, I managed to write Harry Potter into it.

Film for Thought: A look at the top three films in 2001, 1996 and 1991.


Now Hype magazine, which is the one I’m deputy editor on, was supposed to go live tomorrow, but we’ve had a bit of trouble s it’s unlikely that it’ll happen. But as soon as it is live I’ll give you the link.


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