The Prime Minister has a Sense of Humour.

Tension and stress must have been following David Cameron around this past week. After all it can’t be an easy thing being one man standing up against the whole of Europe as they carry on trying to dig themselves out of the hole they first started digging in 1958. I’m a bit of a Eurosceptic by the way.

And then when Cameron came home it was to find his actions questioned by deputy-prime minister Nick Clegg (otherwise known as the guy who lost the election) and Ed Milliband, the foolish looking one that seems a terrible politician. Of course the Prime Minister stood firm stating that of course there was going to be conflict over Europe between a Liberal Democrat and Conservative coalition, the former wants to be a part of Europe and the latter doesn’t.

But his true return to form came in an exchange with Milliband(who has a brother also in the Labour party who has been disagreeing with him lately) during Prime Minister’s Questions. You would wouldn’t have thought that he was struggling with the economy or rising unemployment or the prospect of losing our trading partners. Unfortunately I really won’t be able to do it justice by writing it down, but if you go here watch the video, wait patiently for the advert to be over and skip to 1:09 you’ll see what I mean.

It had me laughing for a good long while and it makes me glad that we have a Prime Minister who is capable of a joke even in the mos stressful of times.

Also, Wizard Duel is back up on Pottermore so excuse me while I try to fend off a body binding jinx or two.


2 responses to “The Prime Minister has a Sense of Humour.

  • chattingwithspirit

    Thanks so much for posting the link to the video – my favourite part was David Cameron’s comment that Ed Milliband has managed to unite the labour party – stating that they have al asked Santa for the same Christmas present – a new leader for Christmas – priceless! 🙂

  • showard76

    Great post, I’ve been following the Eurozone stuff closely but missed this round of PMQ’s! Hilarious 🙂

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