I Really Need to Learn to Drive

Buses suck.

The route to uni is full of twists and turns and they have lead to two difficult trips.

On the way to uni, after he was twenty minutes late, the bus driver almost drove into a petrol pump. While I don’t appreciate almost being blown up I was ready to forgive him until he almost sent us through the wind screen after suddenly braking,

Thankfully, apart from waiting for a train to go past, nothing else happened,

Well that was until I got on the bus back home. Someone had parked their car illegally which meant that the bus couldn’t quite squeeze into the road.

While the bus was jutting out, blocking half the road, many cars had trouble getting past, having to go to the opposite side of the road to get past.

Fifteen minutes later the police turned up and stopped the traffic so the bus could reverse and then go down the wrong side of the road.

I’m just glad to be home and not in any need to catch a bus until Thursday.


2 responses to “I Really Need to Learn to Drive

  • chattingwithspirit

    Funny how we all see things so differently. I always think bus users have it easy! No driving around desperately looking for a parking space, no worry about petrol prices, no panic that your tax/mot/insurance has run out, no ice scraping first thing in the morning and very importantly, for me at least, no getting lost! There always seems to be positives and negatives for everything doesn’t there? Hope your bus journey goes more smoothly tomorrow!

  • showard76

    I didn’t learn to drive until I turned 30 – finally sick of years of slow, smelly horrid bus journeys. I hadn’t wanted to drive when I was younger, I was used to allowing extra time for a bus journey and knew my way round with the buses. But in the end I got sick of it, now that I can drive the biggest hassle is usually finding somewhere to park that doesn’t cost and arm & leg! lol

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