Another quick post (damn uni getting in the way)

I’m afraid, as is my trend lately, that this will be another random and possibly vague post (I am so close to finishing my essay and kind of don’t want to lose my train of thought).

I don’t have much to say other than I’m going to see Florence and the Machine in Birmingham in March, my mum bought the ticket for me as a Christmas present and then couldn’t keep it a secret. Needless to say I am very very very excited about this. Also today I woke up to a text from my boyfriend telling me that he bought two tickets to see Laura Marling next year. Considering I didn’t even tell him about her tour in the spring this was especially surprising news.

Also, can someone please tell me, what’s the deal with wisdom teeth? Mine have been trying to excavate their way through my gums for the past three days and as a result I’m sleep deprived and a little bit grumpy. I mean it’s not like they actually add any extra ounce of wisdom to you once they make their way through. Sorry for the moan, but I needed to get it out there….kind of like my teeth.

And one last thing. Congratulations Katie Leung (Cho Chang from Harry Potter) for landing her debut role on a stage. She’s going to be playing author Jung Chang (seems like she’s stuck with that surname) in a production called Wild Swans.

Anyway, I’m off to go finish that essay, it’s due in on Friday and I have one last tutorial with my lecturer tomorrow. I’m hoping he doesn’t tear it apart like he has both other times I’ve seen him…apparently he does it to everyone.


One response to “Another quick post (damn uni getting in the way)

  • showard76

    Wisdom teeth are crazy – normally ‘erupting’ in your early twenties, often needing to be removed as painful and overcrowding the mouth. I was told I didn’t have any in my early twenties after an xray; then in my early thirties suddenly one erupted! it was growing crooked (coming out sideways) and ripping the inside of my cheek to shreds as it grew. Initially my dentist filed it (to stop the cutting) but eventually he had to remove it as it was just agony all the time! So much better now it’s gone, but the point of new teeth so late – who knows!? I suggest get it removed if it’s giving you grief as it won’t get any better (you will have a huge hole and pain for a few days when it is removed, but better than sticking with the pain long term!)

    Good luck with the essay, hope it goes well šŸ™‚

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