It’s December!

We got the Christmas tree today…well, my mum got it while I was out, which is a shame because she has  a knack for choosing lopsided ones. I don’t mind this, but when it comes to decorating the lopsided tree she gets really stressed.

Anyway, usually when we get a Christmas tree it’s an obvious sign that Christmas is near but also that my mum and her friend pick up the intercom and sing Christmas carols to people randomly walking by outside, whilst enjoyable it doesn’t always make for a treat (especially in my mum’s case).

So as we crack open the advent calendars and turn our year-long calenders over to their last page it’s time to absorb the Christmas spirit. I hope you all enjoy a stress free month. If you happen to be walking past on a street one evening and hear badly tuned Christmas carols being warbled out you have my sincerest apologies, I do try to gag them.


3 responses to “It’s December!

  • Steve

    We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new yeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrr!!!!!

  • beckyday6

    Agh, unfortunatly my Christmas is going to be full of the stress of revision. 😦 But I am determined to enjoy it anyways, screw the exam boards! 🙂

  • chattingwithspirit

    Gosh! Aren’t you organised! We haven’t even thought about Christmas yet … mind you, Simon and I have been struggling with the flu for the past couple of weeks .. and this week has been a week of nothingness .. but we’re on the mend now .. so I guess we’d better start thinking about fumbling around in the loft looking for our Christmas deccies!
    I’ll be listening out for some Christmas Carols as I’m walking along … it might be your Mum!

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