Tarja Turunen Versus Anette Olzon.

Cover of "Dark Passion Play"

Cover of Dark Passion Play

I hate to go clambering after this old a rickety bandwagon, but I feel that I must. Tarja and Anette, well these two people have one thing in common. They are both associated with Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish and both have caused a divide amongst fans.

Now I’ve mentioned Nightwish before and I’ve probably mentioned that they fired Tarja from her role as lead singer quite publicly. Instead of sinking deep into the mist of obscurity they auditioned for a new singer which inevitably resulted in the hiring of Swedish talent Anette.

 Now, I admit Tarja has a good voice. Well, actually she has an amazing voice, she’s classically trained and has to have one of the best operatic voices I’ve heard (although to be fair I haven’t heard many) and I definitely don’t deny the fact that she is massively talented.

It’s just a shame she’s a bitch.

 Of course I have no personal dealings with her but after reading what Tuomas has to say I’m inclined to believe him. Anyway, Anette is good too. Her voice, while different, is still amazing and I think she’s brave for taking up the role, especially after what I’ve read recently.

This is where the divide comes into the story. People like Tarja, people disagree with her sacking, people threaten to kill Anette in front of her son…..

Yes, you read it right and no it’s not made up. Tarja has accumulated a very narrow-minded fan base. They threaten to kill Anette because she accepted a job offer, because she has a different voice and because she isn’t Tarja.

Well, you people out there, I have news for you. Tarja is no longer a part of Nightwish and Nightwish is no longer a part of Tarja. Without Anette taking up the post Nightwish would be no longer. They would have split, proving Tarja’s arrogant belief, that she was the band, right.

Surely you’d prefer to have the band with a new face instead of losing it completely? If not you’re an idiot. You’re an idiot for wasting your money on Nightwish tickets only to push your way to the front and shout insults at a woman who has done nothing wrong, you’re an idiot for swearing at her and you are most certainly an idiot for threatening to kill her. You sicken me.

She’s talented, probably more so than a lot of you prats and with the departure of Tarja Nightwish has clawed itself out of a depression, they’ve jumped to America for the first time and Dark Passion  Play is one of their most successful albums of their career.

Get some common sense and perhaps boycott Nightwish with their next release instead of threatening harm. I don’t want their success to suffer but I much rather that than Anette being the unfair target of aggression.


4 responses to “Tarja Turunen Versus Anette Olzon.

  • chattingwithspirit

    My word … this is unreal surely. I know absolutely nothing about the band or the singers, but the way the fans are treating the new singer is appalling …poor lady … if I were here I would leave and find another band sharpish. The fans are just downright insane in my view!

    • Summer Grant

      I think it’s the minority, for the most part people seem to accept her, but then even a small group can influence loads of people. They’ve been with the new singer for about 5 or 6 years now so I’m hoping that with the upcoming release of their new album and the tour to go with it people will be less agressive, but I agree with you, if things continue like that in the next tour it’ll be safer for her to leave. It’s a shame though, she has such an amazing voice.

  • opinion

    I disagree about Tarja’s talent. She is a average singer at best and that’s why she probably took on pop music and didn’t try to start a career in classical music. I think that classical singers sound different to typical pop music audience and they often “mistake” this different style of singing as some how better than your typical pop singers sound even if the singer is average by classical music standards. For example tv’s talent shows are good examples of this phenomenom. There’s always some classically trained singer of whom audience watches and listens in awe even if he/she is really an intermediate level singer.

    • Summer Grant

      I certainly prefer listening to her rather than Catherine Jenkins I however don’t approve of the undeserved frenzy she has caused against Anette…..which is kind of the point of this post.

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