This Week has been a Kick in the Groin for the Media.

Considering what’s in the headlines and then considering I’m both a journalist and a massive fan of Harry Potter you don’t need a degree to figure out what I’m going to write about.

Yes that’s right, the Leveson Inquiry.

Hearing about it in the news it makes me think that all these people have just been waiting to pounce.

For years the media has reigned supreme, a crutch for politicians and a podium for celebrities. Becoming less and less a source of news and more a source of controversy.

The media has been allowed to get away with too much, that much is clear, nothing justifies what has come to light in this inquiry. They’ve pissed too many people off and over the years the victims have gathered together like little motes of dust collecting over the years and now they’re attacking. They’ve found their chance and they’re grappling the once powerful and reliable industry to its knees.

To be honest who can blame them? Hugh Grant had his house broken into and J.K Rowling’s children were often used as a means to get to her. The author also had the manuscript of the Order of the Phoenix stolen from her.

Now I’m not being sycophantic because the woman who inspired me to write is condemning journalists, I truly believe  that any journalist who employs these tactics should be fired. If you have to resort to hacking phones or using a child to ferry a letter then you aren’t good at your job. It’s not even like she was slamming the entire journalistic profession she even said ‘There is a section of the press who seize opportunities like this’ for which I’m glad.

Because some of us do pay attention to what is morally and ethically correct and some of us do our jobs…well not me, I’m not actually employed yet but you get my drift.

Just remember when journalists are good they’re really good, remember the MP’s Expenses, remember that not every journalist is drawn in by the easy way rather than the hard. Just because some of them did a bad thing doesn’t mean they all did, just like with care workers. Just because some flout their duties and responsibilities doesn’t mean they all take dignity away from their patients, don’t judge the majority by the minority.

However some really don’t help the case. As if to underline the fact that they’re all jerks some paparazzi chased after J.K. Rowling’s car as she left the inquiry this evening.

Below is a video of J.K. Rowling talking about her dealings with the media:


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