Bringing Together a Magazine.

Ah, today is going to be a busy day. There are only a couple of weeks left until the next issue of Hype goes live and we still have a lot of copy to sub-edit and graphics to design. To be honest we’ve only just got our editorial and design teams together so we kind of have our work cut out for us.

I’m looking forward to it though.

Today I’m meeting up with the design team to brainstorm graphics and stuff, while designing isn’t my main strength I do enjoy using Indesign, it’s a lot of fun when it’s not frustrating. The person in charge of designing is pretty good though, so if I go awry I’m sure she’ll correct me and I’m sure she’ll think up some decent graphics.

Right after that I’m meeting up with the editor and together we’re flat-planning the issue. I’ve never really done this before, it sounds like it’ll be easy, deciding where to put stuff, but then I guess it might be hard to decide which order stuff belongs.

Anyway, I’d best be off, don’t want to be late for the meeting!


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