What Would the Currency be Called if you had your own Country?

This is a Daily Post prompt that I at first ignored because I thought it was all about currency, and to be honest watching the news and reading articles online it’s hard to deny that the declining economy is everywhere.

But after an enlightening read over at Hand in Hand With Spirit about this very same prompt it came to my attention that the brief had a tiny bit more attached to it, hence the title.

Now if I had my own country it would be a place where history is important and libraries are cherished. Houses would be Tudor style but with all the necessities to make life nowadays comfortable. Important buildings would emulate the high classical period in Ancient Greece (because that is a Greece I do like) and the pediments perched upon the face and the back of the buildings would depict important events that happened throughout history that would teach all of us an important lesson.

All forms of art would be appreciated; music would be loved, writing would be admired.

Land will not be a commodity (one aspect of the Native American culture at I admired), it shall not be sold and bought, people will not use it to gain an advantage over their competition. As long as everyone fulfills their obligation to look after it then they are suitable to inhabit it.

Animals would not be killed in excess (that’s the vegetarian in me coming out) but rather only that which is needed shall be supplied.

The country itself shall be called Unum Aliquod (supposedly Latin for Any One Thing but you know how unreliable Google Translate can be…and yes I’m rubbish at coming up with names).

As for the currency…well it most certainly won’t be the Euro, I might possibly call it something fancy for money  maybe go down the path Europe did and call Unu perhaps Unuma, I’m not really sure.

But hey, this is all fantasy. I know nothing about economics apart from the fact that growth is good and recession is bad, if I were t be in charge of a country it would probably very soon go down hill, trying my best to make everyone happy I’d probably run up a debt worse than Italy’s and panic when I can’t see a way out of the troubles.

I’d be more incompetent than Gordon Brown and I’d most likely become more of a laughing-stock than Ed Milliband, I find it difficult enough running my restaurant on Restaurant City so thank god my interest in politics is only in passing!


One response to “What Would the Currency be Called if you had your own Country?

  • chattingwithspirit

    Great tongue in cheek piece!
    Love the name of the country, Unum Aliquod, sounds almost sci-fi … you could imagine some far off planet with that name.
    I really don’t think there are many people who could be more incompetent than good ol’ Gordon, but it would be fun to try if you knew there would be no repercussions!
    Thanks for the mention too … an unexpected surprise for me!

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