Grease is Most Certainly not the Word.

I am about to admit something that I usually get ludicrous looks for and exclamations of surprise.

But I hate Grease.

Grease as in the film, not as in the liquid…although I guess that’s pretty rubbish too. But I can’t stand the film, and not just because I’ve had to put up with people singing ‘Summer Loving’ at me my whole life.

It’s the fact that Sandy and Danny have to change to be with each other. The fact that it ends with her smoking and being slightly provocative  is terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I know we all have to compromise no matter what the relationship is, but she became a completely different person.

And I like to believe that you don’t have to become a different person for anything or anyone. Queen Victoria remained who she was as did Jane Austin, and while they’re two very different people they both suffered stresses in life that no one would want to, yet they remained true to who they were.

I suppose this is the reason Hermione Granger is my favourite Harry Potter character. She entered the story an intelligent, resourceful and bossy person and she left the story an intelligent, resourceful and bossy person, although the last attribute was toned down by the end, but like I said we all need to make compromises.

She faced a lot of adversity for who she was, I mean who doesn’t if you’re smart you’re an automatic target (not that I have any experience of this) yet she never shied away from being brainy, she stuck with it and hey it saved their lives god knows how many times. She never changed who she was and you never saw her smoking and getting her ears pierced to fit in with Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil (don’t worry I do know they’re not real).

The same can be said for Luna Lovegood. No stranger person could be found in Hogwarts, she was bullied, her stuff as stolen but she just didn’t give a shit. She went about her business like she always did.

And that is why Grease pisses me off. The main characters completely compromise who they are and we’re supposed to believe that it’s all for the sake of true life.

It’s kind of similar with Twilight as well, Bella has to become a vampire in order to be with Edward. Seriously? I mean that’s completely changing her entire being and that’s not what life is about. It’s about being you, no matter what you come across.

I just hate the fact that these things that have become popular are all about changing who you are, they’re all superficial. I mean change is good when you’re growing into yourself, when you become the best of yourself, but Grease and Twilight are all about being selfish and even though I might be biased the Harry Potter series doesn’t focus on the superficial, it doesn’t focus on changing who you are to better suit someone else.

I wish there were more things out there like that, like Harry Potter, Buffy and to a certain extent Charmed.  

If you’re wondering where this rant came from, Grease was on earlier today, and considering my mum loves it I couldn’t turn it over straight away (although she was reading Harry Potter so wasn’t actually paying that much attention to it).


5 responses to “Grease is Most Certainly not the Word.

  • Steve

    Grease 2 is the best anyway!

  • summum1967

    No no no – Sandy and Danny both THOUGHT they had to change but it turned out that they didn’t she thought she had to be more like him and he thoguht he had to more like her and then they lived happily ever after with their flying car!
    I’m disappointed in you summer – I htought I brought you up better than that!!!

  • H.E. ELLIS

    Thank you! Finally someone agrees with me!

  • Claire

    Wow I had never seen it like that; but I have to agree that I think Sandy and Danny thought they had to change and it shows how much they loved each other that they were prepared to, ultimately they realised they didn’t have to. If anything I think it shows that it doesn’t matter who you are or the group you fit into, you can get on with and fall in love with anyone.

    I love that you’re written a post mentioning Harry Potter, Buffy, Charmed, Grease and Twilight, some of my favourite things!

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