Any One Book: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini


I don’t really know how to do it justice. All I can say is that it was a fitting end to an epic series. It’s full of highs as large as the Beor Mountains and lows as deep as the Ra’zac are evil. There were times where I couldn’t help but laugh and then, right at the very end, I couldn’t help but cry. A small ache has been left in my heart, not as big as the one created by the end of Harry Potter mind you, because it is over and now I know what can never be and what will never happen.

I finished the book today after picking it up from the book store on Saturday and I’ve barely put it down since. The day I got it I stayed up until two in the morning reading, the day after I was up until one and even uni didn’t get in the way, instead I considered the bus journey there and back opportune reading time.  

Several of the things I predicted came true, except for the one thing I really wanted. I would have traded all those other things for that one.

It’s a truly magical story and from the very first book you feel as if you’ve grown up with Eragon, you’ve faced his woes and worries alongside him and the final showdown between he and Galbatorix is always at the forefront of your mind.

Inheritance starts off in the midst of a battle, the Varden are besieging the city of Belatona on their way to the king’s doorstep. Almost immediately Saphira, the last female dragon, is injured with a Dauthdaert (a sort of lance that can penetrate the scales and hide of a dragon) and Roran is almost killed as a wall collapses on top of him. Straightaway you feel the desperation with which the freedom warriors fight, you know the import of their battles and skirmishes, to them everything is being risked and their whole livelihoods depend on the outcome of the war, yet it still seems unlikely that they can overthrow the tyrant king.

But this battle is soon forgotten because a few chapters in it occurred to me that this is the last book, it contains answers to questions, and there are so many of them. 

While I enjoy the action filled battles it is always the calm between that I look forward to for I prefer the exploration of relationships between each of the characters, especially between Eragon and Arya. Their relationship is most peculiar and has had a very unique development. They first met in the very first book named after the main character Eragon, and since then the dragon rider has fallen deeply in love with the elf and after so much has been promised what is Paolini going to do? How will he end their saga? This I found more important than how Eragon could beat a king who is so much more powerful than anyone in the land.

Yet there was no doubt about it, there is a finality in each and every word. When Eragon convinces Elva to help the Varden you know there is hardly any more of the story to tell, when Eragon and Saphira learn their true names you know the end is just around the corner and when it’s discovered that there are som hidden eggs that survived the purge all those years ago you know that Angela’s prediction from the very first book is going to come true. 

What I particularly liked about this book was the inclusion of the Were-cats, while they have been mentioned before I thought it was a nice touch that the entire race joined the forces of the Varden and naturally Angela was always a form of entertainment yet she also played a bigger part, she has a more serious role.

The death of Galbatorix (the king that we have never seen before until this very book) was poignant. The way it happened held so much more meaning than just a stab of a sword, the fact that once he understood the wrongness of his actions he could no longer handle his life I thought was a much more poetic ending, it was skilled and crafted well. But don’t be fooled, Galbatorix is a complex character, he almost had me fooled when he was sweet talking Nasuada and if not for the torture he inflicted upon her he could have been a good guy.

However I thought the death of Queen Islanzadi was hollow, although not pointless. I would have thought it would have held more meaning that perhaps she would sacrifice herself for the sake of the war. Yet if it was a sacrifice I saw not the perks, nothing good came from it apart from Roran’s renewed vigour.

I had an inkling, buried deep down almost like a burrow grub, that one day Arya would one say step forth and bear the elven crown and that she did but not before the thing I always knew would come to pass happened. Upon the front cover of the book is a green dragon, the last unhatched egg that remained in Galbtorix’ grasp, that dragon is called Firnen and his rider is Arya. I knew from the first book when the elf helped Eragon slay Durza, I knew then that she would become a rider and I’m glad it happened for she was really the only logical choice.

I also always thought that Nasuada would become the ruler of the Empire, since she proved to be a competent leader of the Varden it only seemed right that she took the throne.

All of these tied up loose ends pretty well, Paolini didn’t get carried away and his writing was beautiful throughout the book and yet I can never forgive him. I can never forgive him for something that didn’t happen.

For as cold and complicated as Arya appeared she reciprocated Eragon’s love but destined as Eragon was to leave Alagasia and destined as she was to rule the elves they could never be. This is what made me cry, this is what makes me want to cry now. Because it is unlikely that he will return to the land and as such they might never see each other again. Although there is hope in the fact that Arya has a dragon, then she might fly to wherever Eragon goes…but then this is just the realm of speculation.

As they say goodbye to each other, as they bid farewell for one last time, I prayed for them to kiss at least once, I wanted them to reveal their feelings to one another, but it was not to be and I have to say it has made for the best ending to a series that I’ve read in a very long time. While it has not affected me as Harry Potter did it is a story that will stay with me, it is one of my favourites and I’m glad to have discovered such an amazing story.

To you Christopher I want to say Elrun ono.

To you, I want to say thank you.


5 responses to “Any One Book: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

  • beckyday6

    Oooooh I love your review, it’s so great! 🙂 And it seems like we agreed on pretty much everything!
    I agree with you about Queen Islanzadi death, and I could kind of see it coming as well, by the whole bringing her back for the battle with the heart to heart between her and Arya etc, I felt like he was setting her up to be killed. It did feel kind of hollow to me as well, in fact, that whole battle went on for ages and it really irritated me because I wanted to know what was going on with Galbatorix and it kept switching viewpoints! I loved the poetic ending for Galbatorix too, it kind of reminded me of the ending of Harry Potter actually, it did have that same sort of feel to it. 🙂 I also thought it was cool how Paolini got rid of the elves before the battle, it felt right, like it should be a more personal showdown between the main characters without anyone else.

    Ohhh and Arya and Eragon getting kind of drunk, that was cool too, if only damn Thorn hadn’t interrupted who knows what would have happened. Ohhh and there sword sparring. 😉

    • Summer Grant

      Thanks! I think I wrote it straight after finishing the book! Yeah, I was really disappointed with her death, I thought she’d die protecting Arya or something, you know something sort like that after all their arguments and disagreements, but then Arya wasn’t even there!!
      OMG the constant POV switiching was annoying! He never quite mastered thatpart of his books. I wanted more Galbatorix as well, it’s odd how he’s the bad ubut barely even featured.
      Yet his death was amazing, it always had to be some massive showdown and it had to be more than a swordfight an it exceeded expectations.
      Yea, totally! that was a really nice touch, I are with you, it was good to have the showdown without any ‘extras’ 😛
      Oh no, I don’t remember that, gonna have to read it again, oh woe is me, that’s such a hard task 😛
      Out of all four books, which would you say is the best?

      • beckyday6

        Haha I think that was a good plan, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to review mine, it only became harder and harder to write the longer I waited, I basically ended up writing a paragraph a day! Lol. 😛
        Yeah, I mean I know he was trying to show that the events were going on at the same time, but surely somewhere in his brain he must realize how annoying that would be for the reader!?
        Hmmm…I was kind of in two minds about Galbatorix, I definitely wanted to see more of him like you, to get more of a feel for his character but I kind of felt he made his character SO relatable and his logic a little TOO sensible and not QUITE crazy enough if you get what I mean, he seemed a little too stable. 😛
        I would say Interitance is definitely the best book of the series! It’s the most action packed and the best written, although I do still really love the first book because it was where the whole story started. 🙂 What about you?

        Ohh yeah, has your mum read the Hunger Games yet? If so did she like it? My mum just finished it.

    • Summer Grant

      It’s horrible when that hapens!

      Yeah, he should have been more menacing, but I kind of like that his reason makes sense because then it meant that the good guys could have been wrong, which is kind of menacing itself. But yeah, for an utter madman he seemed a bit sane!

      I’d have to agree with you, Inheritance is the best of the four, by far, he really has grown as an author, and like you I think Eragon is the next best, not just becase it started the story but I think it was better written than the middle two haha.

      Ahhh, I was going to ask you about that! My mum loves them!She’s about halfway through Mockingjay I think, the other day she said thatse was glad I suggested she read them haha! What does your mum think of it?

      • beckyday6

        Hahahaa what can I say? Our minds are just too alike. 😉
        Mine said she enjoyed them, but that was about all she gave me to work with! She’s not that chatty when it comes to books, not even with Harry Potter! I’m going to try an sqeeze some more info out of her soon. I am determined *puts on war face* I’ve just given her Catching Fire to start.
        Glad to hear your mum loved them!

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