Coronation Street Jumps onto the Stratgically Placed Bandwagon

The is a newish sort of craze sweeping TV with a small almost imperceptible ‘P’ as its figurehead. The day it started it made headlines and almost every news programme and now it has burrowed its way into a Soap Opera that belongs at the heart of a nation (once again making headlines). This craze is of course Product Placement, and I fail to see what is so wrong about it.

The main argument is that it could subtly influence impressionable minds to buy products from the shops yet if that is so dangerous why can we find product placement in major films such as Spiderman and Fight Club? And the TV series Chuck is littered with Subway (albeit because it is thanks Subway that the awesome show is still going), it’s like very almost the only food they eat.

And really, what does it matter  when our society is already saturated with advertisements? It was bound to happen sooner or later right? and a least they have the decency to warn us when a product has been placed in a show. The most recent host is Coronation Street, now I don’t really watch it so I couldn’t tell you when it happened or in fact what the product was. But no doubt there will be people out there who might threaten to boycott the show simply because it has jumped on the latest bandwagon.

I, however, treat it sort of like a game. Whenever that mini ‘P’ pops up (which is kind of infrequent) I like to try to guess what it’ll be (because it’s not often that obvious), needless to say I don’t have much purpose in my life.

In fact I think it’s pretty good, after all the manufacturers pay money to have their product placed on the show. It’s just another way of making money I know, but if you think about it, it keeps our favourite shows on air. I know I would be complaining if This Morning was taken off air, I need my dose of Phil and Holly in the morning, even more so if Chuck was cancelled without any sort of conclusion, thank god for Subway.

I doubt that it’ll be long before it extends to the other soaps such as Eastender’s and Emmerdale, maybe even other magazine shows like the One Show or perhaps the Graham Norton show. Either way, I bet it’s something we’re all just going to have to get used to.


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