Within Temptation Came Back To England.

Oh my actual god! On Friday I had the pleasure of going up to London for the evening. I’ve been waiting for that day for over a year. I went to go and see one of my favourite bands play at the O2 Brixton Academy. Last November, maybe October, I jumped at the chance to purchase tickets to see Within Temptation’s return to England, quenching a drought that had lasted four years.

Originally they were set to play in March, on March 30 to be exact. But Sharon den Adel (the vocalist) became pregnant and they had to postpone it to November 11. Funnily enough, it was March 31 that she gave birth to her third child.

It doesn’t matter though. Their return was triumphant. It may have been the same venue as before but it was better than four years ago. It was cinematic, dramatic and fantastic.

From the very first song right until the very last we all belted out the words to the songs until our throats were sore. Behind them a massive screen flashed impressive images and it was awe inspiring to see the band silhouetted against it.

 Even though it was a tour supporting their latest album The Unforgiving they had no qualms diving straight into old classics such as Angels and Stand My Ground the excitement when the first few chords of these songs sounded was immense. It truly was one of the best possibly the best gig I have ever been to. Within Temptation are an amazing spectacular to behold, and I was touched and impressed at the fact that Sharon wore a poppy during her performance.

I recommend Within Temptation to anyone with ears, so as introduction here’s one of my favourites, if they intrigue you explore some more. Their sound varies from album to album.


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