Sometimes Cashing in is Sickening.

Ok, so I promised myself that I wouldn’t write anything about Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, the vindictive Jackson family or some of his sycophantic fans because frankly I don’t care. As far as I’m, concerned Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson. His death was a tragedy, a massive tragedy which did sadden me but Conrad Murray made a mistake and has been made a scape goat.

However, something in the news caught my eye. It sickened me so much that I had to break my promise. Michael Jackson’s deathbed is going to be up for auction.

Why on earth would anyone sell it? More to the point why would anyone buy it? They’d have to be pretty screwed up in the head. The man took his last breath in that bed, he slipped into an unconsciousness he never awoke from in that bed.

I’m sure almost every fan of Jackson will have a morbid fascination that will compel them to see it, it’ll be like visiting Buckingham Palace you know that the royal family are there or at least they were. Michael Jackson was in that bed, without a fact he was there and to a fan it must be something amazing to see with their very own eyes.

But it should be something to be viewed, it should be put in a museum that celebrates Michael Jackson’s life, to be honest I’m surprised his money obsessed family haven’t committed to the idea of a museum no doubt it would have earned them a lot of money.

It should be looked at but not touched and certainly not sold. The increasingly weird thing about it is that a fan, if they were rich enough, would probably adhere to this. They would preserve it and have it merely for viewing please and perhaps the satisfaction of saying they own that part of the Jackson history.

There’s just something inherently wrong with the fact that it’s up for auction, it almost seems disrespectful, more people cashing in on his death, almost literally.

It shouldn’t be done. And announcing it so soon after the trial concerning his death is just an extraordinarily bad choice of timing.


2 responses to “Sometimes Cashing in is Sickening.

  • beckyday6

    I completely agree! Granted, Conrad Murray had a role. But if it wasn’t Conrad Murray it just would of been another doctor, and if that one said no, then another. One way or another, Michael Jackson would have ended up dead. The world just wants someone to blame….

    • Summer Grant

      Totally, I don’t deny the fact that Murray has some sort of responsibility but I’m just annoyed by the fact that his family and some of the fans can’t accept the fact that Michael Jackson wasn’t completely blameless for it!

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